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Meeting Other Beer Lovers

Missed Connection Meet-Cutes, Beer Edition

While you spend Oktoberfest guzzling down beers, chances are you could meet your next true love. Real-life proof: Craigslist Missed Connections where it was love at first beer. Sure, we'll never know if these couples actually got together, but we'd like to think there's a chance they reunited and lived hop-pily every after. Read on to see some of the cutest posts!

Mission liquor store redhead. -m4w
We were looking at import single beer together. I could've said, "Come here often?" LOL isn't that like asking if you're an alcoholic?

Hot girl serving beer at the Sands Saturday night. - m4w -28
You were the extremely hot chick serving beer inside the event center. Every time I walked back up you knew which beers I was getting and how many. Email me and tell me the beers I'd buy every time. Hope to chat soon.


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Brunette hottie at Orenco Taphouse Saturday night 9/07. -m4w
I just sat down with a beer when you walked in wearing your black t-shirt with "Screw & Brew" on the back, jeans, shorts, and heels. You bought a beer, sat by yourself drinking it, and then left.

If you had turned around, you would have seen me looking at you. I was waiting to meet someone for a first date, or I would have approached you. I thought you were very hot looking, and I want to buy you beer!

Gorgeous blonde who lost the arm wrestling match. -m4w -28
I should have asked when I had the chance 'cause it seriously had me wondering the entire damn time ('til the beers kicked in at least). Why did your drink bottle have no label? Which beer was it? Put me out of my misery and solve the mystery!

Other than that, I don't do this, but I figured it's worth a shot in the dark once in my life. You are absolutely stunning and care to grab a drink sometime? Great effort at the arm wrestling match though!

9/12 WinCo Beer Cooler. - m4w
There was a party in the beer cooler. You curly blonde hair . . . maybe blue sun dress . . . pushing a cart . . . I think you grabbed a six-pack. We had a short conversation upon exiting. Didn't realize how struck I was by the encounter. Shall I [buy] you a beer? Gotta be happy somehow.

Kelly from Safeway. -m4w -47
I ran into you on the beer aisle and you were putting entirely too much thought into your beer selection. I recommended the Sam Adams and we chatted. I asked for your number and you hesitated but declined. I understand and respect that but really felt that you had some interest since you even pretended that you liked my Hawaiian shirt. Enjoy your movie, and I'd love to hear from you. You really wowed me in our short conversation.

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