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Men Don't Really Like Brazilian Bikini Waxes, Survey Says

We are proud to feature this article from our friends at Yahoo! Shine.

If you're wincing at the thought of your next Brazilian bikini wax, we have some good news for you: A recent poll of 1,000 men found that guys don't really want us to go completely bare down there.

The survey, sponsored by Australian gel-waxing brand Nads (really), showed that 43 percent of men preferred a more natural, but "trimmed and tidy," look.

"Pubic hair styles are fast becoming just as important as the hair on your head," Nads CEO Sue Ismiel told the Daily Mail. "But make sure you know what you’re doing as once styling begins there is no turning back."


Nearly half the men surveyed said that they preferred it when their significant other sported a "Bermuda Triangle" -- that is, trimmed hair and waxed edges with nothing showing over the edge of a bikini bottom. Seventeen percent said that they liked seeing a little landing strip, while 15 percent would opt for a heart-shaped design. About 12 percent wanted their girlfriends or wives to look like the women they've seen in those "sexy" movies -- that is, with no hair at all.

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Forget "vajazzling" — beads and baubles just interfere with romance, as far as these guys are concerned — and those silly soul-patch things are a big turnoff.

"I'd hate my wife not to have some hair, I much prefer her to be well trimmed than sporting some ridiculous, unsexy design," father of two Mark Tailworth told the Daily Mail after he took the Nads survey.

Ladies, what do you think? Do you keep a well-groomed bikini line for yourself, or for your guy?

- Lylah M. Alphonse

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