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"Men's Rights" Groups Say Feminist Society Oppresses Men

"Men's Rights" Groups Say Feminist Society Oppresses Men

We've all heard of women's rights activists, but are you familiar with men's rights activists? MRAs are men who believe that the emancipation of women and the emergence of feminism has led to the oppression of men. (Because, you know, it can't be a win-win proposition!)

Double X provided an extensive exploration of a movement that is trying to appear more mainstream. Here are some MRA claims:

  • False domestic abuse allegations are rampant.
  • A feminist-run court system wrongly separates innocent fathers from children.
  • Battered-women shelters scam taxpayers by transferring federal money to feminists.
  • Domestic violence laws help mail-order brides fraudulently get green cards.
  • Men are unrecognized victims of domestic violence themselves.

According to Double X, there's evidence that MRAs have greatly exaggerated many of their concerns about custody and domestic violence. For example, abuse accusations don't automatically win custody for mothers, and often incidents these men count as violence against men are really cases of self-defense. If you think this form of activism sounds too out there to be taken seriously, know that MRAs have had some very real influence. In 2008, they claimed responsibility for helping block the passage of four domestic violence bills.

What do you make of MRAs?

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