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Pajamas Are Hot: Men Finally Get Where We're Coming From

We are proud to present this article from our friends at Yahoo! Shine.

Pajamas have a bad rap. Often on TV and in movies we'll see women sleep in silky negligees and lingerie (how many episodes of Sex and City did we see Carrie Bradshaw wake up with her black lace bra still on?).

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As soon as we're old enough to enter a Victoria's Secret store ladies are trained to think that guys want us wearing sexy things in the bedroom. But the reality is, most of us prefer to wear pajamas or some random combination of warm-up pants and old nostalgic t-shirts that serve as pajamas. Because pajamas are comfortable and who wants some cheap, tight nightie with polyester bows digging into them during a peaceful slumber?

The good news: guys are finally on board. A new survey conducted by Ergoflex mattresses found that the majority of dudes, 37 percent, prefer their ladies wearing pajamas to bed. Lingerie has been trumped, taking home 32 percent of the vote, while women wearing men's clothing items to bed scored 22 percent. Sure lingerie is fine to wear under clothing, but why sleep in it when there are tons of awesome PJ sets to snuggle up in?


Need a new pair? Here they are.

–Joanna Douglas

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