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The US isn't going to be #1 for long — but this is one record that could be worth giving up: Mexico is on track to eclipse the US as the fattest country within the next 10 years.

Almost half of Mexico's 110 million people are overweight and the number of overweight children has risen by 8 percent every year for the past decade, with Type 2 diabetes skyrocketing as well. The cause? Growing fast food, tons of money spent on marketing it, more time in cars, and more time in front of the tube. Sound familiar?

To see what they're doing to tip the scales on this problem,


Here's what they're doing to combat the bulge: a nationwide campaign called "Vamos Por Un Million de Kilos" (Let's Lose a Million Kilos) or about two million pounds has worked a treat, and phase two, "Let's Lose More Kilos," aims to keep the momentum going. To help get the country moving, the Calderon administration has built or revamped 800 public sports facilities and the National Institute of Public Health is promoting healthier diet choices. Advertisers are also sponsoring spots showing easy and free ways to exercise in a country where lots can't afford gym memberships.

Sounds like a plan worth emulating?


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