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Michael Moore Making Fahrenheit 9/11 Sequel

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Michael Moore Making Fahrenheit 9/11 Sequel
Michael Moore is taking America's temperature again. Moore, who won the top honor at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival with Fahrenheit 9/11 plans a follow-up to resume his examination of the nation's status in the world in the years since the Sept. 11 attacks. Fahrenheit 9/11, the only documentary to top $100 million domestically at the box office, was a harsh, hilarious critique of George W. Bush and his administration in the wake of the attacks. The as-yet-untitled follow-up will have a longer-term approach, film executives overseeing the project said Wednesday.

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Auntie-Coosa Auntie-Coosa 8 years
What? Michael Moore just now realized no one was talking about him?
cine_lover cine_lover 8 years
Ahhhh....Thank you for clearing that up. Just making sure I did not miss something.
cine_lover cine_lover 8 years
Also you are grossly simplifying what happened with Batista who was a dictator, but I have feeling we could go back and forth over Cuba for a long time, so maybe we should just stop now.
raciccarone raciccarone 8 years
The Soviet Union was the real heart of communism. China's version would have Marx spinning in his grave. Cuba is really the only real practicing communist nation that adheres to the original concept. I didn't mean mostly gone in Cuba.
cine_lover cine_lover 8 years
"A nasty political system that I am glad is mostly gone." Since when it is mostly gone?
raciccarone raciccarone 8 years
No. I feel you on Cuba. Despite what you think of me, I'm not actually a communist. It was a bad idea and it murdered tens of millions of people. A nasty political system that I am glad is mostly gone. However, communism wouldn't have ever come to power without the abuse of power that capitalism furnished. We must remember that. Cuba was a nightmare under Batista and people literally died in the street from hunger. If capitalism had shown a little more generosity, Castro never could have come to power. We need a balance.
cine_lover cine_lover 8 years
I agree that our health care system needs some work. The thing that bothers me is he presents his propaganda as facts, and people quote his films as factual. That is irresponsible on his part. "Fahrenheit 9/11" did not rub nearly as wrong as "Sicko". He really angered me with that film, because it was chalked full of lies, and as I said before, to me, he insulted the suffering people of Cuba. I don't know if you follow any Cuban blogs. I happen to be very passionate about Cuba and the citizens. You should look into it, if you haven't. I have a feeling you would be as disgusted as I am.
raciccarone raciccarone 8 years
We'll just dismiss that Rush/facts comment and both agree with Stiletta. We mostly agree on Moore's style, Cine. I can't help but think that at least Moore focuses public attention on issues that need to be addressed. I think the health care system is an utter and complete mess and no one was talking about it seriously. Yeah, I know, he twists facts to suit his purposes and that makes him a less than credible documentarian, but he's doing it to try and better certain societal ills and I think that's at least sort of noble. Right? Sort of? Rationalizing? :halo:
cine_lover cine_lover 8 years
Steph, You are right. After I wrote it, it did not come out as I wanted. Stiletta actually wrote more so what I meant, "Michael Moore bothers me more than Rush because he comes from a place of piety - as though he were speaking from righteousness. Rush is just a showman who tries to entertain. " Sometimes I wish we could edit our posts, because when I posted that comment, I said to myself, "Doh! I am so going to get called on that one, and rightfully so". :)
stiletta stiletta 8 years
Cabaker, I agree with you. There are people on both sides that degrade the argument. Michael Moore bothers me more than Rush because he comes from a place of piety - as though he were speaking from righteousness. Rush is just a showman who tries to entertain. However, I have to agree with Stephley. As a conservative and as someone who finds Rush humorous, I wouldn't exactly use what he says as source material.
stephley stephley 8 years
"At least Rush uses facts" He's no better than Moore - there are shelves of books documenting 'facts' Rush has manipulated or faked. You're way too smart to say something like that Cine.
cine_lover cine_lover 8 years
At least Rush uses facts. And I never said that there were not morons on the Republican side. There are plenty. But as a filmmaker and as a person who enjoys being informed, he insults our intelligence. I have no problem examining our health care system, but tell us the truth, don't lie. He made Cuba seem like heaven, but all you have to is a little research to know the hospitals he showed were for tourists and the wealthy. It was an insult to the people suffering in Cuba, and he should be ashamed of himself. And Racc, if you are this so called Conservative Democrat like you claim, then you would not be so happy with him either. If he wants to make films fine, but do not call them documentaries. Call the what they are, propaganda.
hausfrau hausfrau 8 years
Rac - I see what you mean, I just think character assisinations are wrong period, regardless of if the person can fight back or not. Though I can see how it would be more disgusting if the person can't fight back. And I can't really speak for Cine, but I will!, both sides have people that make them look like idiots... Rush and Ann are on our side, Franken and Moore are on the Dem side... Honestly, I think there are more hateful people on the Dem side... well, maybe not more, just better publicized because a lot of them are in Hollywood.
MarinerMandy MarinerMandy 8 years
I hated Farenheit 9/ was like a feature length negative campaign ad, full of propoganda and bile. A friend of mine said she watched a documentary on Michael Moore movies and it was a guy who uncovered a lot of creative editing and half truths in his movies. Then he tried to interview Moore and kept getting turned down and insulted. I have no idea what it was called though.
raciccarone raciccarone 8 years
Cabaker: I thought Heston had lost his faculties and couldn't defend himself. And then when he laid that picture of the girl in his driveway on his way out as though Charlton Heston was the problem. That seemed unfair to me. I think you have to take what he's saying with a grain of salt, sure, but can you really say the examination of the health care industry is a bad thing? And Cine, you've GOT to be kidding. Rush Limbaugh? Ollie North? You want to talk about looking like morons.
Jillness Jillness 8 years
"Most of the stuff he covers would be outrageous without him exaggerating, so why undermine the information?" I agree! Let the truth speak for itself!
stephley stephley 8 years
Raci, I don't think he can have it both ways: claim he makes documentaries AND wiggle around with facts. Most of the stuff he covers would be outrageous without him exaggerating, so why undermine the information?
cine_lover cine_lover 8 years
Jill, I agree. He does NOT help your party. He makes Dems seem like morons, that can't tell what a fact is.
Jillness Jillness 8 years
There have been a few good points he has made, but they are over shadowed by the heavy handed bias that he allows into his movies and his many exaggerations. I can't take this guy seriously, and I think he does more to hurt the Democratic party than he does to help it. Sit down and keep quite, Mike.
bluemango bluemango 8 years
ahh can't stand him. more fake info for gullable people to believe
KJerabek KJerabek 8 years
cine I agree. Everything I researched from sicko ended up being completely false. I couldn't even begin to figure out where he even came up with some of those "facts."
UnDave35 UnDave35 8 years
I can honestly say I have never seen any movie in its entirity. I have tried to watch a couple, but they are filled with so much hate for the administration, half truths, and liberal biases, that I couldn't stand more than a few minutes.
cine_lover cine_lover 8 years
Wonderful, more socialist propaganda with absolutely no merit. They are not documentaries, especially SICKO.
hausfrau hausfrau 8 years
rac, out of curiosity, why do you dislike the heston interview more than the others?
KJerabek KJerabek 8 years
I just vomited in my mouth a little.
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