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It's common knowledge that the last three US presidents have experimented with drugs. In fact, when asked if he ever smoked (and inhaled) marijuana, Barack Obama answered: "I inhaled . . . frequently. That was the point." And now we have proof that golden boy Michael Phelps has hit a bong before.

When it comes to marijuana, hypocrisy can grow like a weed in US society. Over the past year few people, if any, received more acclaim for their life accomplishments than Barack Obama (the first black president!) and Michael Phelps (he won eight gold medals!).

If such exalted individuals have used marijuana, can we really arrest regular people for it? The realization that our greatest role models have broken this law might be a sign that marijuana use isn't the sort of bad judgment we want to criminalize.

Do you think it's time to reconsider the ban on marijuana?


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