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Is Michael Steele a Good Choice For RNC Chair?

The Republican party broke new ground last week by electing an African American to head its national committee for the first time. In some of his first remarks as chairman, Michael Steele took the opportunity to oppose Obama's stimulus plan Saturday, saying:

I know we're living in the era of bipartisanship. I thought it was very important to send a signal, and you sent it loudly, very clearly, that this party, the leadership of this caucus, would stand first and foremost with the American people. You made it very clear that in order to grow through this recession that you not redistribute the wealth of the people of this nation.

But not all in Steele's party agree. Republican governors, including Sarah Palin and Charlie Crist are lining up to support Obama's stimulus plan, which includes aide for cash-strapped states.

Do you think Steele will help the Republicans win elections in 2010?


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ms-vee ms-vee 8 years
angelina_k angelina_k 8 years
very poor choice they are now jumping on the obama band wagon and trying to show how equal opportunity they are!!!!!!!!!!!!
nadiap nadiap 8 years
Anybody with 1/2 a brain knows why Steel was selected. What I thought was funny was the top three candidates were the segretionist who belonged to the all white club. The dude who made the Barrack the magic Negro CD and Michael Steele. Need I say more.? Oh somebody needs to clue Mr.Steele that THE WEALTH HAS ALREADY BEEN REDISTRIBUTED FROM THE BOTTOM UP BY THE REPUBLICANS. I know Republicans live in the land of Myth but this one takes the cake. Mr Steele said "GOVERNMENT NEVER CREATES JOBS. NEVER IN THE HISTORY OF MAN HAS GOVERNMENT CREATED JOBS. I'm suposed to take this guy seriously? NOT
pour-qua pour-qua 8 years
Please be aware that the number of a $2,500,000,000,000.00 Bailout is a conservative figure. Some estimates put the amount closer to 8.5 TRILLION In addition, the U.S. government has said it will temporarily guarantee $1.5 trillion (£856 billion) in new senior debt issued by banks, as well as insure $500 billion (£285 billion) in deposits in non-interest accounts, mainly used by businesses. These figures take the potential cost to $4.559 trillion+ - or $43, 221 per household. If you think your dollar is going to be worth anything after trillions of dollars in bailout money is created by the Fed out of nothing, think again. The inflation will be massive. The worst the world has seen. I'd like to be wrong about this, but I'm not. Of course, pet projects, banks, and wall street will get the first crack at the money, while it's still worth something. By the time, some if any at all trickles down to you, all extra money won't buy you as much as it did wall street. The market will have adjusted to it's lower value caused by surplus.
pour-qua pour-qua 8 years
I applaud ANYONE, and I do mean ANYONE who stops this travesty. Even Ben Bernacke has admitted the Great Depression became the horrible calamity it was because the government intervened in what would have otherwise been a short-lived crunch. Please everyone, do the math! Pelosi's latest stimulus package $300 BILLION Paulson's Bank Nationalization package $250 BILLION Bailout the American auto industry $25 BILLION Pelosi's bailout of state/local gov't $150 BILLION Obama's bailout bill $825 BILLION Bush's bailout bill $700 BILLION Bear Stearns financing $29 BILLION Fanny Mae/Freddie Mac Nationalization $200 BILLION AIG Nationalization $85 BILLION Additional AIG request $35 BILLION Federal Housing Admin Rescue Bill $300 BILLION Mortgage Community Grants $4 BILLION JP Morgan Chase repayments $87 BILLION Fed's Term Auction Loans to banks $200 BILLION Loans from Depression Stabilization Fund $50 BILL Purchases of Mortgages by Frannie/Freddie Mac $144 BILLION Federal Reserve "liquidity injection" $600 BILLION Possible cost: $2.56 TRILLION to $6 TRILLION Minimum cost per household: $24,269 Please, do fact check this. I believe it to be completely accurate.
kastarte2 kastarte2 8 years
Hain what are you talking about?
StolzeMama StolzeMama 8 years
Liliblu- I am speaking of racist rants at his inauguration events, by people that campaigned for him, much like that woman did for steele. Steele (at least) apologized and said that he didn't support her actions. Obama doesn't care if your a racist as long as you aren't white.
liliblu liliblu 8 years
Hain are you serious? What comments are you refering to exactly?
StolzeMama StolzeMama 8 years
"What it does say is that when faced with a choice between political expediency and denouncing bigotry, Steele chose expediency. " And what about Obama not addressing racist comments by his supporters? ahem- jay z ????
GKitty GKitty 8 years
I got flagged! it was just a matter of time!
GKitty GKitty 8 years
Grandpa: In the name of Negro history month...Go to your local black Church and say that...Good Luck!
liliblu liliblu 8 years
If he gives the GOP what he gave Maryland then I wish the party luck.
UnDave35 UnDave35 8 years
"The RNC could use a truly inspiring and moral leader. They could have done better than Michael Steele." Should we have gotten someone like Bill Clinton? Now there's a great moral leader. Or how about Al Gore, Mr Exaggeration himself. I think we will see what Michael Steele will bring to the GOP very shortly.
hausfrau hausfrau 8 years
"What it does say is that when faced with a choice between political expediency and denouncing bigotry, Steele chose expediency. " We could switch this woman with Rev. Wright and Steele with Obama and have the same story!
liliblu liliblu 8 years
Now Back to Michael Steele. This article was emailed to me and I thought I'd share it. Michael Steele: No Profile in Courage Ira FormanPosted February 2, 2009 | 12:29 PM (EST The Republican National Committee's (RNC) selection of Michael Steele as RNC Chairman has elicited a wave of positive reaction from political pundits. Republicans, as could be expected, praised the pick; Democrats and progressives reluctantly agreed that the Steele victory was good news for the GOP. No one denies Steele's oratory skills or his political prowess. However, one quality that no one has examined is Steele's moral backbone. When John F. Kennedy released his classic "Profiles in Courage" in 1955, he recounted stories of politicians who risked their careers by standing up for principles. Steele is an unlikely candidate for a future edition of Profiles. Steele flunked the moral courage test on November, 7, 2006, when he was the Republican candidate for the United States Senate from Maryland. As Election Day approached, one of Steele's supporters, Emma Jean Thompson, distributed flyers in African-American neighborhoods, attacking Steele's Jewish opponent. The headline stated, "Ben Cardin Promises to attack Jesus Christ, Pastors, Churches and Christians and to Take Away Blacks' Freedom If He Is Elected." The flyer listed issues, including same sex marriage and abortion, and stated that Steele is "for what Jesus says" and Cardin is "against what Jesus says." The flyer went on to announce "Cardin VS Christ" and asked readers to "Vote for Michael Steele." Thompson, who is co-pastor of Integrity Church International in Landover, Maryland, attended Steele's pre-election press conference. She made her attacks in the name of "Black Women in Maryland" and had the flyers distributed at Churches in Prince Georges County, Maryland. On election morning 2006, stories about this flyer appeared in the Washington Post and in an Associated Press story. The publications also reported on how Steele intentionally misled African American voters about his party affiliation and endorsements of a number of prominent Democratic African American elected officials. The press gave Michael Steele and his campaign an opportunity to denounce the outlandish bigotry of his supporters, but he declined to do so. Immediately after the election, Jewish community leadership privately contacted then Lt. Governor Steele to ask him to repudiate these anti-Semitic attacks. Steele stonewalled for more than two weeks. Finally near the end of November, Steele sent a letter to the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) of Greater Washington indicating that he did not approve or distribute these flyers. He repudiated the flyer's "intolerance and insensitivity." Reflecting the frustration of local Jewish leadership who had worked with Steele, a spokesman for the JCRC told the Washington Jewish Week: "We do wish the response would have been more timely," but "better late than never." None of this makes Steele an anti-Semite or a bigot. What it does say is that when faced with a choice between political expediency and denouncing bigotry, Steele chose expediency. The GOP faces some momentous challenges in the wake of a failed George W. Bush presidency and the historic election of President Barack Obama. The RNC could use a truly inspiring and moral leader. They could have done better than Michael Steele. The Republican National Committee's (RNC) selection of Michael Steele as RNC Chairman has elicited a wave of positive reaction from political pundits. Republicans, as could be expected, praised the p... The Republican National Committee's (RNC) selection of Michael Steele as RNC Chairman has elicited a wave of positive reaction from political pundits. Republicans, as could be expected, praised the p...
liliblu liliblu 8 years
haus, I found Dreams arguments no less "eloquent" than many of the others made on this board. But, I have learned that as long certain posters agree with your arguments, they don't have to be "eloquent".
liliblu liliblu 8 years
Even though must Blacks (including Frederick Douglass) praised Uncle Tom's Cabin at the time, there were still those who opposed it even then. They saw the character as submissive. The productions based on the book that later appeared showed Tom as a cowardly, groveling, and almost child like. This reinforced arguments against the book. So while Harriet Beecher Stowe's work had a big impact, it has also always had detractors.
hausfrau hausfrau 8 years
Dream doesn't exist anymore Indie. But her arguments were not eloquent and she often posted her own blogs as factual evidence... it was silly. I never called her a flaming idiot though, those are your words.
Grandpa Grandpa 8 years
That is what happens when you keep up an old man past his bedtime. :rotfl:
Grandpa Grandpa 8 years
snow = Stowe
Grandpa Grandpa 8 years
GKitty, those 1970’s Black Revolutionaries, were in error then in their understanding of that novel. Your racist comment referring to a dedicated committed abolitionist, whose novel arguably did more to end slavery in the United States, then any other single person in American history, with the possible exception of Abraham Lincoln, as “a white abolisionist's (s/p) delusion” is insulting to the memory of Harriet Beecher Snow.
harmonyfrance harmonyfrance 8 years
Shhhhhhhhh!!!! I'm trying to throw you off the scent!
foxie foxie 8 years
"JTH (or whatever)" Mmmmhmmm. I see what you did there, Harmony! Tricky, tricky. ;)
harmonyfrance harmonyfrance 8 years
Wow this post is a little crazy. TS why are you always the one they think is a double user? LAUGHABLE! Maybe it was me. If JTH (or whatever) shows up with a pirate bomb you'll have your proof.
GKitty GKitty 8 years
Uncle Tom in this post is from the 1970's Black Revolution as it defined it's termites. Each generation has it's own term for it's spoilers. Grandpa it is what it is, and you can never define my lifes experience with a white abolisionist's delusion.
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