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Michele Bachmann Asked If She's Submissive Wife at Debate

Michele Bachmann Asked About Her Marriage at Last Night's Republican Debate

At the GOP presidential debate in Iowa last night, Michele Bachmann was asked if she's a submissive wife. No one can deny that Michele has made marriage a political issue; for example, she signed the controversial marriage pact last month, opposing gay marriage and abortion, among other things. But although she includes marriage politics in her platform, as other candidates do, she was the only one asked last night about her own marriage when moderator Byron York asked her if she would be submissive to her husband as president. Michele looked surprised by the question, which was met by boos from the crowd, and answered it by saying, "I respect my husband and he respects me as his wife." Watch the whole exchange above and tell me, do you think the question was relevant? Or was it out of hand, since as a congresswoman and candidate Michele has proven she's her own woman?

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Burkina Burkina 6 years
That awkward moment when you're a homophobe and your husband is secretly gay.
zeze zeze 6 years
Based on her comments, I think it is a fair question. Is it sexist, sure, but given her statement, it is still fair. It is sexist because I doubt they would have asked it of a man, even if he had made the same comments about being a "submissive husband." Also, I hate her answer and all answers at these "debates" - no one ever answers the damn question.
countchocula countchocula 6 years
You scrutinize a candidate based on the criteria through which they legitimize their aptitude for office. Bachmann legitimizes herself as a politician and candidate through her family life and views on marriage and family... so this question is totally fair game. Had this been a woman who had kept her mouth shut about her family and views on marriage, I would've deemed this question inappropriate. However, considering how vocal she is regarding her marriage and how judgmental she is towards people who don't fit her ideal, I think it was a perfectly reasonable question to see if she remains consistent with her views. And, as expected, she was cornered and didn't really answer the question.
tigr3bianca tigr3bianca 6 years
@Stephley you are on the money. Bachmann has said that wives should submit to their husbands. That is why she was asked the question. She was the one who made the issue about marriage.
outsung outsung 6 years
As much as I dislike Bachman and the ridiculous things she says I think it's disgusting that women are subject to these invasions of privacy like judgment about what they wear and their "time of the month" however the fact that the question was derived from a quote she said I can understand where the moderator was coming from. as a side note: I would hardly classify submission as respect. Respect goes both ways and submission only goes one.
stephley stephley 6 years
I think Bachmann's own comments legitimately led to that question. You can't present yourself one way to conservative Christian audiences then insist you be viewed another way in a secular setting. Bachmann has, in the past, urged wives to be submissive and frequently says either her husband told her to do something (like go to law school) or that she asked him for permission to do something (like run for Congress). She has never, to my knowledge, contradicted a family member who described her as a submissive wife. I don’t believe she has proven that she’s her own woman. Despite what Bachmann says, ‘respect’ and ‘submission’ do not mean the same thing.
fuzzles fuzzles 6 years
Bachmann and Pawlenty. Making Minnesota proud. *shakes head* Even though I think that this kook is batshit crazy, that question was below the belt.
amber512 amber512 6 years
I think when you give ridiculous answers to serious questions, the next step is just being asked ridiculous questions in the first place.
Vanonymous Vanonymous 6 years
I don't think she should be asked questions about her marriage. I also think she should mind her business when it comes to other people's marriage choices.
Star320 Star320 6 years
I'm not a fan of Michele Bachmann's, but she's being asked ridiculous questions. Her marriage has nothing to do with the presidency - hello Bill Clinton. What people need to START focusing on is the issues and how these candidates will handle them, INSTEAD of all these personal things. Unless her marriage is going to get in the way of the presidency, it's not necessary to know about.
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