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Midnight in Paris Review

If You Could Live in Another Era, When Would It Be?

If you've seen the visually pleasing trailer for Midnight in Paris, I imagine you're craving a visit. In the preview, we hear Rachel McAdams's character tell her fiancé, Gil, played by Owen Wilson, that he's in love with a fantasy — a fantasy version of Paris to be exact.

I caught a screening of Woody Allen's latest, out today, and in it we find out Gil is a very nostalgic guy, who wishes he could live back in the bohemian Paris of the 1920s. He says he was born too late, and would much rather have lived in the French capital when it was the cultural epicenter of the world, a place that attracted interesting people from all over. Meanwhile, his fiancée is very content enjoying the modern pleasures of Paris, like shopping!

Have you ever felt like you belonged in a different era? Maybe Mad Men has you wishing you lived through the glamorous 1960s and exciting cultural revolution. Or, perhaps on a trip to Florence, you dreamed about living during the Renaissance. Let us know in the comments!

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Natalie-Love Natalie-Love 6 years
Considering what happened to my family in France in the 1940's during WWII when Germany took over wasn't pretty to say the least, I would not want to be alive in the 20's... To be honest, any era where I wold get treated badly for being a woman or part Jewish would be pretty bad, and that's pretty much all of history. Add the fact that through most of history there was no reliable anesthesia, no contraceptives, no legal abortion providers, and racism prevalent, and I'm left saying no thank you! think we often tend to glamorize the beautiful parts of the past... And that's alright, I'm just being super realistic.
arcticpuppet arcticpuppet 6 years
i like the present, really. or maybe the future. it can only get better, right? :]
stephley stephley 6 years
I can handle dampers.
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 6 years
Either the 1950s or the 1920s. I have a fantasy about dating a hot greaser boy with a comb and cigarette tucked behind his ear and seeing rock and roll really lift off, but I also wouldn't mind being a flapper in the Jazz Age :) The 70s also seems fun.
Choco-cat Choco-cat 6 years
sorry, there is no way as a woman i would want to live in earlier times, i'm way too outspoken. unless we're talking tribal times when (in some cases) women were treated as equals, but i wouldn't survive those times either - i'm too much of a wimp!
mrs-dr-who mrs-dr-who 6 years
hmmm that's tough. I'm such a nerd for eras. 20's, 30's, 40's, 60's 70's??? any of those would be just fine.
danakscully64 danakscully64 6 years
I would have loved to be a teen in the 60's. As much as I love technology now, there's something about the 60's that appeals to me. I love the music from that era and the style was boss! There's a Penn and Teller episode about people idolizing a different era. There was a guy who said the 50's were the best, but since he was a child, he didn't realize how difficult things were back then. Ditto someone from the 80's, Renaissance, etc. The episode is titled Good Ol' Days. The people they interviewed about the Renaissance were like "I would have loved to battle for honor (jousting) and enjoyed turkey legs." The historian then said there weren't turkeys back then (or in that area used for food) and then women being talked to were property back then. Not to mention all the issues with disease and famine. Every era has its pros and cons.
bryseana bryseana 6 years
The 1970s
stroker stroker 6 years
@stephley England from 1900-1914 maybe, but WW1 put a bit of a damper on things the following years...
Emily-Co Emily-Co 6 years
I always loved the regency era in England, but I would be kind of out of place, what with being Asian and all.
d4d d4d 6 years
I don't think I would enjoy living in a pre-civil rights era. I mean like reading about it and admiring some of the visual elements (fashion, decor) and watching movies about them.
Pistil Pistil 6 years
I always wished I could have been a teenager when grunge was cool. I was born just a few years late. Or the 60's/70's.
stephley stephley 6 years
1900-1920, England
amber512 amber512 6 years
In the future. I'd never want to go back in time. Less technology, less health-related knowledge? No thanks. I can still dress like another era, while living with advanced knowledge :)
Becky-Kirsch Becky-Kirsch 6 years
The movie definitely made the 20s look enticing — particularly because there was no technology (and a lot more flapper dresses).
neonbee neonbee 6 years
20s as well! I was obsessed with their slang and fashion a few years back.
HoneyBrown1976 HoneyBrown1976 6 years
I like my present era. As a black woman, I wouldn't want to go backwards.
jadenirvana jadenirvana 6 years
So funny, I was just having this conversation with my sister! As someone with a body closer to Kate Winslet than Kate Moss, I feel I was meant to live in the 50's! I've missed my chance to be a pin-up girl;)
runswimmerrun runswimmerrun 6 years
Woody Allen and I have that in common, though I wouldn't admit to having too much else in common with him. :/
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 6 years
Roaring 20s baby!
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