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Mimicry Is The Highest Form Of Flattery

Dear Sugar,
All of my life I have been interested in fashion. At the age of 6 I requested a subscription to Harper's Bazaar. It seems as if in any situation that I've been in (i.e. school, work, etc.) there are accolodates given to me for "best dressed". Anywhoo, currently I am working at my hubby's business and it seems like most of his employees like me except for the receptionist. The employees ages range from 35-60 (except for her and I , we are both 27). Since day one she has given me nothing but the evil eye and has never made an effort to be friendly and/or civil. That is one of my problems with her, the other is that she has become "monkey see monkey do" when it comes to my ways of dressing. She tries to immitate my style but to no avail. It is one thing if she was thin but she is heavy and the clothes do not fit the same way. I feel really bad for her because it is more than obvious that I am her competition. Rumor has it that before I started working there, she thought she was "hot stuff" only because she was the youngest and demanded attention especially from my husband. To this day, she does not talk to me but makes a point of parading herself around the office especially if I am around. I am at the point of wearing a potato sack just to see how far she'll go. Fashion Frustrated

Dear Fashion Frustrated
Mimicry is the highest form of flattery. Clearly you have 3 things that she wants; your body, your sense of style, and your husband. Don't stoop to her level and shoot her nasty looks back - that's just petty. What you must do is kill her with kindness when you are around her, but beyond that pay no attention to her. It seems like she should be more focused on her job than with what you are wearing, and you should be more focused on your job than on worrying about what this insecure secretary thinks of you. She's just jealous of you. Indifference would seem to be the most painful for her. If you walk in, say hello, and go about your day, she will start to feel like an idiot for being so rude to you for no reason.

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