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Miniskirt Sparks Women's Rights Protests in South Africa

Last week taxi drivers and street vendors attacked a South African women wearing a miniskirt, because she was indecently dressed. Those passing by laughed and cheered. The incident has sparked an intense debate and passionate protests over women's rights and public decency in the country.

Women protesters, who have been marching since last week, believe that women have the right to wear what they want. During a demonstration on Friday, women exposed their breasts and thighs, a traditional protest of the powerless. Some taxi drivers responded by pulling down their pants. What's going on here? To find out,

. The BBC reports that some South Africans believe that scantily covering clothing violates cultural norms, but the National House of Traditional Leaders pointed out that women often wore short skirts during traditional ceremonies.

I find it hypocritical that those attacking a woman because she was dressed inappropriately could try to claim the moral high ground. Aren't physical attacks worst than indecent clothing? Are you happy to see women rallying for their right to wear a miniskirt? Is it a universal women's right to wear whatever they want, or do cultural and religious norms and sensitivities outweigh such a freedom?


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