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Would You Wear an Heirloom Dress?

Country singers Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert tied the knot last weekend, and Miranda chose to wear her mother's wedding gown over a new designer frock. She told Us Weekly, "My parents have been married for 33 years, so this dress is already a good-luck charm." I think it's really sweet that Miranda honored her mom by wearing her gown, and she was able to get the best of both worlds by changing into a short dress for the reception.

Since my mom (in the photo on the left) borrowed her dress, I couldn't have worn hers, but I had considered wearing my grandmother's sweet tea-length number that she still owns (and fits into!). I liked the idea in theory, but when it came down to it I ultimately decided to buy a new dress for my upcoming big day. Annie also says she loves her grandmother's dress (in the photo on the right) and would definitely consider walking the aisle in it. For me, the decision to wear a family heirloom comes down to this: are you willing to respect the history of the dress by only making slight alterations, or do you need to completely alter its design (à la Tess's dress butchery in 27 Dresses) to feel comfortable? If the answer is the latter, leave the antique frock alone.

Would you wear a wedding gown your mother or grandmother wore? If you wore an heirloom dress, share a photo in the comments!

RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 6 years
I totally would. Nothing wrong with a classic wedding dress. My mom wore a yellow one though (she's so much more of a modern woman than I am.. no idea how that happened), and although I really like that, I feel it was too distinctive a style that I'd wear it too.
le-romantique le-romantique 6 years
I would love to but they'd have to ruin it first! My grandma was 85lbs when she got married in late 1950s and my mom was 95lbs in 1986 when she got married... I'm 135 and I have hips and a chest so they'd have to tear the dress apart and use parts of it to make it fit me. lol oh, how the times have changed... I'll take a knock-off vintage style though!
lickety-split lickety-split 6 years
I wore my MILs dress. I don't get how the wedding is so important and the marriage, not so much. It's a couple of hours, and then it's in a box. If I'd had my way we would have gone to city hall: youre either married or your not. Big weddings are silly and I think now, in this economy even more so. After the big royal wedding everything's been done SO big. Anyone getting married this year will certainly not be able to say they're having a big wedding. The comparison is unavoidable. The economy is bad. Anyway.....
EvieJ EvieJ 6 years
I love the thought of it. Neonbee - is it something you could use to make your own dress? Maybe use some of the material or something? I've heirloomed my dress for my daughter, and don't expect her to wear it as is, but would love for her to take it and customize it for herself and her personality.
neonbee neonbee 6 years
Nope, I'll definitely buy my own dress. My mum had an English wedding with long sleeves and lace. It's not really the type of dress that I want to wear.
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