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Who Won't Be Crowned the Next Miss Philippines?

Girlfriend kicked butt in the evening gown and swimsuit competitions, but opened her mouth and screwed her standing with a rambling response about like such as, haha, omigod, only being 17-years-old, so sorry for this sh*tty answer, wait, this is the top 10? No joke. We should at least give the girl credit for maintaining a genuinely fake smile the whole way through. Desperate times call for desperate smiling . . .

(Thanks, eBaum's World!)

so_dipped_n_love so_dipped_n_love 9 years
OOOOH i was cringing the whole time i was watching this... That must've been really embarrassing for her. To have the crowd practically laughing at her for that nonsense she was saying...eeks! She really was cute...but she couldn't form a simple sentence. She should've practiced her communication skills. WOW...and she won?!!! FORREAL?!!?! That's crazy.
bealotus bealotus 9 years
It's funny that she won the pageant! Probably they liked that she is spontaneous and funny. At least she doesn't take herself too seriously or act like a robot.
midnightowl midnightowl 9 years
This was so PAINFUL to watch. I didn't get to see it when it was aired on TV, but our local tabloids and news shows were all over this a day after. It's bad enough that she couldn't squeak out a halfway coherent answer, but what makes it worse is that she actually won.
ekdkdk1 ekdkdk1 9 years
poor thing, hahah, but at least to our expense, and to the expense of the audience. I mean man they were giving her a hard time.
My-Opinion My-Opinion 9 years
wolverine1 wolverine1 9 years
this is embarassing indeed....let's just hope and pray that she redeems herself. note to future beauty pageant wannabes...please, please do practice your communication skills before you attempt to be on that stage.sigh!
sanriano sanriano 9 years
im right there with ya berrymix...totally embarrassed and can't believe she freakin won after that! dang...i dont understand why she didnt just answer in tagalog (maybe they were only allowed to answer in english?) anyhow, her laugh was hilarious. poor girl. hope they get her ESL lessons and coaching for Q&As.
berrymix berrymix 9 years
ohmygosh. I'm so ashamed that this is the type of beauty pageant contestants we have here in the Philippines. :|
bigbrowneyes bigbrowneyes 9 years
aawwww. i feel bad for her. english is not her first language. how many of us could get up there and give a proficient answer in a language that isn't our first?
tglynn tglynn 9 years
lol, I love her laughs "~ahahahaha~"
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