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This or That: Mistress or Mister?

You've noticed that your boyfriend's acting strange lately. You've never been paranoid, but you find yourself wondering if he's cheating on you. One morning he tells you that he's not feeling well and is going to stay home from work.

You decide to check on him during your lunch hour. You call his cell, but he doesn't answer. You assume he's sleeping, but you decide to drop by anyway just to make sure he's okay. When you come in, he's walking out of his bedroom in a towel, fresh from the shower. He's surprised to see you, but not in a good way. When you look into the bedroom, would it be worse to . . .

See a gorgeous woman primping in the mirror? You recognize the smell of her perfume; it's the same scent you've been smelling when he meets you late for dinner.

Or . . .

Get a glimpse of a handsome man sitting at the edge of the unmade bed, lacing up his shoes? In fact, you recognize him; your boyfriend introduced him as a friend a few weeks ago when you ran into him at a coffee shop.


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