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Mo' Money, Mo' Options: What's Your Fiscal Conservative Type

Mo' Money, Mo' Options: What's Your Fiscal Conservative Type

When it comes to money, people lean right for all sorts of reasons. Some are idealists who fundamentally believe in less government and the free-market economy while others see all the proof they need in the success of capitalist countries. OK, general success. Even if today's economic woes tarnish the free market's image, most fiscal conservatives continue to believe in the invisible hand's dexterity.

According to "What Kind of Person Are You…If You Believe in Republican Economic Policy?" on PeopleJam, Republicans can learn a thing or two about themselves by examining economic beliefs. And because few things are more satisfying than having your personality analyzed by four quick questions, I made you a quiz. Come back and tell me if you think it's total nonsense or right on when you're done. To take it, read more.


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