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Model Tweets Actor Brian Presley Hitting On Her

Model Live Tweets Being Hit On by a Drunk Married Actor

With the help of Virgin America's WiFi, model Melissa Stetten live tweeted allegedly being hit on by her fellow passenger yesterday. She let her followers know that Brian, "the actor sitting next to me on this flight talking about his role with Kurt Russell and his spiritual beliefs," was embarrassing himself by coming on to her, despite his wedding ring. Perhaps hoping to escape the awkward situation no woman wants to find herself in, she chronicled his bizarre explanations for his wedding ring: "He says he just wears the ring because he likes it." And "he was engaged for 6 months but broke it off!" At one point, according to Melissa, he went to use the airplane bathroom, beer in hand, and came out — surprise! — without the ring on.

Once Melissa's followers started tweeting back at her, things got more real. From her tweets about Brian's latest project with Matthew McConaughey, they found his IMDB page. Melissa proceeded to retweet the info, as she continued to live tweet Brian's Heineken consumption and the rest of the one-sided conversation, or "collabo," as he called it. Next, a follower found an interview Brian did with Christianity Today in April, explaining that he gave up alcohol after doctors told him to "clean up or die." Melissa retweeted the article, writing: "Holy sh*t. He's had 3 heinekens and is wasted. Sober? Hardly." Her next tweet: "Did I just ruin Brian Presley's life via twitter?" Probably, considering he's been married for 10 years, has a kid, and an alcohol problem. But did he deserve it?

chasta chasta 5 years
If the whole point of her tweets about this guy was to inform the wife of his behavior, then she could've just found out who his wife was and talked to her like an adult. But since this is how she handled it I can guarantee it was done for attention. But hey, it worked. I'm not saying his wife didn't deserve to know, but she didn't deserve to find out that way. I don't think that's so "off the mark". I've been cheated on and as far as I'm concerned the only thing that could make it worse was if this was how I found out.
britelite britelite 5 years
Some of you commenters are way off the mark. Yes, it's not so great that she had to find out this way, but what other way would she have found out? If it weren't for this twitterfeed, she may have never found out. I say better this than living in ignorance.
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
yes, his wife deserves better and to know what kind of loser she's with...that said, this chick went a little overboard with the sharing to random strangers on twitter - I would've turned up my iPod and took a nap...let him deal with his demons on his own
chasta chasta 5 years
If her story is true, she's even more of a douchebag than he is. Anyone who's been cheated on knows that it's a pretty humiliating experience. Even though the cheater is the one with the problem, it doesn't make it any less humiliating for the one getting cheated on. Imagine finding out your spouse was cheating (or at least attempting to cheat) this way. Telling your girlfriends about the married jerk that couldn't take a hint is one thing but telling the whole world was cruel. My heart goes out to his wife and what she's going through right now.    
Grace-Wilcox Grace-Wilcox 5 years
oh my gosh! talk about getting your spot blown up. karma! 
testadura67 testadura67 5 years
Is he a douchebag? Yes. Should his wife know about his behavior? Yes. Should she have to deal with the humiliation of finding out about it from some model's twitterfeed? No. His isn't the only life that's effected. 
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