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AdAge bets that when faced with the newsstand as a moderate voter you'll flick through Oprah, Maxim, Architectural Digest, and Woman's Day. Based on a study of 25,000 voters, AdAge thinks they have you all figured out, from magazine preferences to favorite TV stations. Can't figure out why you're addicted to the History Channel? AdAge says you're a McCain-loving, Mild Republican.

The results of the study are a little like political astrology. Voters are broken down into nine types:

  1. Super Democrats
  2. Left-Out Democrats
  3. Conservative Democrats
  4. On the Fence Liberals
  5. Green Traditionalists
  6. Mild Republicans
  7. Uninvolved Conservatives
  8. Ultra Conservatives
  9. Informed But Unregistered
  10. Unconnected and Unregistered

And quantifying the even-keeled divide in the country, each wedge — conservative, liberal, on the fence, unregistered — are all pretty equal. So that's why we've been having such a hard time coming to a consensus, we aren't all the same, we're just equally divided and passionate.

Some of the categories are pretty straightforward — but Green Traditionalist? If you think you might be one,


You're a "middle-of-the-road voter."

This segment tends to skew more traditional or conservative on some key political and social issues such as pro-life, social security, healthcare, and religion. The environment is a key issue for this group as they actively participate in recycling programs and are concerned about pollution.

AdAge pegs their highest media involvement as the radio. I don't know if they needed a study — it sounds like an NPR tote-bag would've been a big enough clue.

Do you think you fall into one of these types?

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