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Mom Creates Website to Help Her Son Find Love

Have Your Parents Ever Set You Up?

More than 70 percent of TrèsSugar readers said they'd go on vacation with their parents, but would you let them try to find you a partner? One NYC mom believes this level of involvement is totally acceptable, and she's gone above and beyond typical motherly matchmaking, creating a website to help her 31-year-old son find love.

Mom Geri already owns a website for older women. So she figured it would be simple to add a service that lets her, and other moms, post information about their single kids. This won't be her first attempt at helping her son find love. She says: "I even set him up with the saleswoman at the upholsterer I used to re-cover my sofa. I figured I might as well cast a wide net to increase his odds." Have your parents ever tried to set you up with their upholsterer or anyone else for that matter?

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