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More Developments in the Austrian Incest Horror Story

Here's a quick roundup of new developments out of Austria in the Josef Fritzl incest story. The more details that come out, the crazier it becomes:

  • Dungeon Plans: Police say the Austrian man accused of holding his daughter captive for 24 years planned to build his secret cell as early as 1978, when she was just 12 years old. — AP
  • Held Behind Eight Doors: Elisabeth Fritzl was imprisoned behind eight locked doors during the 24 years that her father held her in the cellar of his house in Austria, police have revealed. — Telegraph
  • Captives Helped Build Dungeon: The "House of Horrors" captives were forced to help expand the prison that housed them as their numbers grew, Austrian police have revealed. — CNN
  • Wife Had No Idea: Meanwhile his wife fought to keep the troubled family together but never knew their child was in a soundproofed cellar beneath the apartment, her sister said. In an exclusive television interview with the Associated Press, a woman who identified herself as Josef Fritzl's sister-in-law provided intimate details of the oppression inside the Fritzl home, describing him as a "tyrant." — AP
  • Insanity Plea For Josef: A German newspaper has reported that Fritzl plans to claim insanity when the case comes to court. — Guardian
  • The picture allegedly shows Lisa, one of the three children from the cellar adopted by Fritzl and raised as his grandchildren in the house upstairs. Do you think Fritzl's really insane? Does it seem like the more information that comes out about the story, the more questions it raises? Are you following the story, or turned off by the whole thing?


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