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Dear Sugar
I work in an office five days a week and rarely get outside during the day. Since the holidays are here, there is chocolate, candy, cookies, you name it, everywhere you turn. It seems like I am always hungry at work. Do you have any tips for resisting the temptation of all the good for the soul but bad for the body foods? Sweet Tooth Sandra

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Dear Sweet Tooth Sandra
Don't you just envy the girl in your office that can eat all the goodies and never gain an ounce? Most people can't eat like that but luckily there are ways to give in to your cravings the healthy way. The first thing to remember is watch out for the hidden calories in such things as: juices, sodas, fancy coffee drinks and protein shakes which are loaded with sugar and caloric carbs.

Packing snacks from home will allow you to eat something healthy when you feel that growl in your stomach without having to resort to the vending machine or the holiday cookies. Nuts and dried fruit can calm the hunger and provide you with energy, and string cheese and fruit are healthy snacks to keep in the fridge.

Stress is also a culprit that may drive you to the kitchen. Try to get outside or walk around the office when you start to feel those donuts calling out to you. Since holiday lunches could be in your future, remember to order wisely. Opt for lean meats and vegetables and stay clear away from the fried foods.

If you need to feed your sweet tooth, order tea rather than dessert or suck on a hard candy sparingly to satisfy your oral fixation. Surprisingly, drinking water can also create a sense of fullness too and can quench an urge. Hopefully these tips can help you avoid the holiday belly bulge without skipping out on all the fun.

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