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More Women Getting Plastic Surgery on Vagina

Smaller Vaginas Are the Next Big Thing

As demand for genital reconstructive surgery grows, it's clear that more women are voluntarily reducing the size of their vaginas. While no body part is more private than your vagina, more young women feel pressure to surgically alter theirs to conform to an outward standard.

Since an excessively protruding vaginal lip can cause pain during sex or exercise, some women do have a medical reason to get the procedure. But data from Australia indicates that the rise in vaginoplasty and labioplasty is not tied to a rise in medical needs. The increase is most dramatic among teens and women in their early 20s. Most of these women have not given birth, and thus have not experienced the stretching or injury that gives reason for the surgery.

So why are women going in for this expensive (about $5,000) and painful (think cutting and stitching) surgery? For that answer we have to look to another trend in vaginal style: the demise of pubic hair. One doctor explains that most patients have some harmless external skin-fold, which appears more prominent if the woman removed her pubic hair.

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