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Most Shocking Headlines of 2008: Bristol Palin Is With Child

Not long after Sarah Palin sled into the national limelight, rumors started circulating that Trig, her newborn son, was not her fifth born, but really the son of her 17-year-old daughter Bristol. Stop the press, Sarah said, that's impossible. And then she threw down what is probably the greatest comeback in the I-didn't-pretend-to-have-my-daughter's-baby genre ever: She's pregnant now.

And so Bristol stopped covering up with a blanket and baby brother Trig on her chest. She brought fiancé, Levy Johnston, to the Republican National Convention, where he had his 15 minutes, though he found time for more. Overall, the press respected Bristol's privacy and let the story go. Expect to hear more soon, though, because the governor of the great state of Alaska is expected to add grandmother to her résumé Dec. 18.


Bristol Palin Gives Birth to Third Child
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