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I have been receiving many e-mails from women who are having a hard time motivating themselves to take off those extra 5 pounds before bikini season, so I am here to let you all know that dedication is key when it comes to bettering yourself. The first small steps are always the hardest when creating life changes and fighting off low self-esteem so I hope these tips in this How-to Lounge will help jump start your mind, body and soul.

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  • Make a commitment to yourself. No matter if your end result is getting those skinny jeans zipped or dropping your blood pressure, you must make a pact with yourself and feel your inner desire to make a life change
  • Make a list and write down what you want to improve on and how you intend to make those changes. Sometimes writing down your feelings brings a new sense of clarity to cloudy emotions
  • Having a support system is key. While life changes will only happen if you make it happen, having support from a friend or motivation coach will help when you need a jump start
  • If you struggle with getting up early to hit the stairmaster, you're not alone, so a boot camp or work out class might be a better option for you. Joining a tennis team or volleyball league is another route that will not only get you outside, but will give you the drive to compete and feel relied upon
  • Throughout your journey, be prepared to have some slip ups, but don't lose faith. We are only human so don't let one night of overindulgence or a weekend without your running shoes make you a quitter. Pick up right where you left off and don't be too hard on yourself
  • Major changes will not happen overnight so be patient
  • Some people find success with rewards. If you fall into that category, find healthy ways to congratulate yourself for a job well done

Even the most successful and self confident people struggle with motivation from time to time. I wish there was an easy quick fix, but unfortunately making life changes takes a lot of work. Be strong and brave -- once you get started, the end result won't be too far away. Good luck!


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