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Dear Sugar
I met a new friend through my husband right when we started dating, she was the girlfriend of one of his good friends. One night before I met them, this girl had a night of drunken sex with my husband and they never told her boyfriend. He has sworn to me that it was just that one time and they both barely remember it and that they both feel terrible for lying about it.

I don't know this girl very well, she seems nice enough, but every time she is around my husband, I feel like she is always nonchalantly flirting with him. I don't necessarily think they are having an affair, but their relationship makes me very uncomfortable.

Whenever they are together, there is sexual tension in the room and it feels like she is undressing him with her eyes. They act like they have spent more than just one night of drunken sex together and it makes me feel like he is lying to me about her. Am I making a big deal out of nothing? Overreacting Olivia

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Dear Overreacting Olivia
Have you told your husband how their relationship makes you feel? The fact that they have been carrying on a lie for quite sometime is bound to make you feel weary and you have every right to speak your mind. If your woman's intuition is making you question her motives, get your feelings off your chest and talk to your husband.

Many people are flirtatious by nature. Do you feel like she is over the top with your hubby? Has your husband ever betrayed you in the past to make you feel insecure when he is around other women? If they did spend more than that one night together before he met you, are you worried they still have some sort of a connection?

If you still get skeeved out by her after talking to your husband, then distance yourself from her for a while. Try to remember that even if she does have the hots for your husband, their night together was in the past and you are the woman that he loved enough to marry. You are his present and his future.

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