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Movie Blair Dreams of in "Easy J" Episode of Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl: Blair Always Dreams in Classic Movies

What a trip of iconic movie classics Blair's subconsciousness is! Last season she dreams she is Bette Davis in All About Eve, and on last night's episode she dreams she's another leading lady.

Just like when she dreams Vanessa is an ambitious social climber disguised as a clueless ingenue in All About Eve, this time she dreams of a character threatening her life and status. The movie is Wait Until Dark, and the character is a blind housewife, played by Audrey Hepburn, who's being chased by a drug dealer.

Of course, Blair initially interprets the dealer to be Chuck — blinded by love! — but really it's lil Jenny Humphrey from the Brooklyn block. The ominous dream augurs the return of Jenny to the Upper East Side, where she proves to be — this week, anyway — a nightmare for Blair.


But what's with all the dreaming she's the lead in an old movie? Is it to show she reads the best-movies-of-all-time lists and queues up the classics? A reflection of her narcissism? Or just a semiclever writing tool that makes good TV?

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