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Movies Like Fifty Shades of Grey

18 Films Even Sexier Than Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey is an undeniably sexy film, but it's certainly not the only erotic movie out there that explores more singular sexual tastes. From bondage and BDSM to pure, passionate sex, we've rounded up movies that give Fifty Shades a run for its money when it comes to sex-filled scenes and interesting additions in the bedroom (or the car, or the bathroom floor, or the middle of a room filled with masked members of a secret society). If you're up for something a little different than your average romance, then these movies are sure to satisfy.

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The dark plot of Stanley Kubrick's erotic thriller follows a wealthy doctor and his single night of adventure after discovering that his wife had an affair. He finds himself in the midst of a masked orgy organized by a secret society — and believe us, anything goes here.

Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger star in 9 1/2 Weeks, an erotic romance about a Wall Street man seducing an innocent art dealer during a brief but intense affair. Things get very sadistic. And very sexy.

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The motto of Secretary's E. Edward Grey (yes, another wealthy dominant named Grey) is "if we can fully experience pain, then we can live a more meaningful life." He begins an erotic relationship with his submissive secretary, showing her things she never dreamed of sexually. And she really likes it. Fifty Shades fans won't be disappointed.

A sexually repressed piano teacher gives the illusion of normality and even rigidity, but underneath, she hides her sadomasochistic and voyeuristic sexual fantasies that play out in the form of an affair with a 17-year-old student.

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An unhappily married woman who has never had an orgasm reunites with an old college friend, only to discover that he has the unusual habit of recording women revealing their sexual experiences and fantasies on tape. Though initially put off, she begins to accept and explore her sexuality — all while being filmed.

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Belle de Jour is a French drama about a beautiful housewife whose sexual fantasies are dominated — pun intended — by bondage and sadomasochism. Unsatisfied by her husband, who is only interested in "vanilla" sex, she finds other places to get her kicks — including at a brothel and with a young gangster.

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Michael Fassbender was not afraid to bare it all in Shame, a movie about the life of a man with a sex addiction. The sexually explicit scenes and subject matter earned the movie an NC-17 rating in the US, so as you can probably imagine, there is a lot of raunchy sex.

Michael Fassbender, Viggo Mortensen, Keira Knightley, and spanking. Lots of spanking. Set during the brink of World War I, A Dangerous Method is about the tumultuous relationships between psychologist Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, and a female patient.

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Boogie Nights is an entire movie about the porn industry, but surprisingly it also has a pretty compelling plot. The film follows a porn star's rise to fame during the "Golden Age of Porn" in the '70s and his subsequent fall from the throne. Sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll abound. And more sex.

You may have thought Fifty Shades of Grey showed some serious BDSM, but you haven't seen anything yet. The Story of O is a French film based on an erotic novel about a fashion photographer known as O whose lover subjects her to sadomasochistic rituals. She is frequently blindfolded, tied up, and whipped and has relations with various men and women in the movie.

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One woman is hired to deceive a wealthy bachelorette in order to swindle her out of her fortune, but in The Handmaiden, things don't go as planned and a steamy love affair begins in an unexpected way.

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Madonna stars in Body of Evidence, an erotic drama about a millionaire's wife accused of his murder and the kinky affair that ensues with her lawyer. There's money, there's sex, there's a murder mystery.

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Crash is a psychological thriller about a group of people who experience extreme sexual arousal from car accidents. This movie is seriously kinky and dark but definitely has some unusual sexual elements that many Fifty Shades fans will find appealing.

This dark and quirky drama is about a sexually promiscuous woman and her would-be savior, who also happens to be her captor. The religious man attempts to rid the woman — who was sexually abused by her mother's partner — of her destructive ways and save her from herself.

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This low-budget film straight out of the '60s is a sexy story about three go-go dancers seeking thrills wherever they can find them — even if that means killing anyone who gets in their way. They are also not opposed to binding and gagging their conquests.

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OK, so Mr. and Mrs. Smith may not be superheavy on whips and chains, but what it lacks in props it makes up for in pure sex. The movie is about a bored married couple who discover that they are both actually assassins working for different companies — and they are hired to kill each other. The sexual tension is tangible throughout the movie, and we all know that it translated to real life between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

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In Bitter Moon, a stuffy British couple meet a seductive French woman and her (much older) paraplegic husband as they sail to Istanbul. She holds dark secrets about her sexual proclivities and the utter control she has over the men who fall for her.

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Basic Instinct has one of the most famous scenes in film history. You know, the one where a panty-less Sharon Stone slowly uncrosses her legs while wearing a dress. The neo-noir murder mystery is full of intrigue, drama, and oh yes — sex.

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