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Much Ado About School: Why We Care Where the Obamas Go

I was going to ask if you care where Sasha and Malia go to school. Or, guiltily, if we should care. But the truth is I'll read anything — any and all personal details of the Obama move to the White House. The schools. The puppy. Is grandma coming? Make no mistake about it, I want to know. All of it. And over 500 results on Google News — published this weekend alone — for what school the Obama girls will attend tell me I'm not alone.

It all sounds like a book I would have read when I was 10: Moving into the White House with the first children (somebody get on that!). But even now, is it any different than reading Pop? Consuming the most ordinary details of people with the most extraordinary lives. It's fun.

But it’s not the details we’re interested in. Not unless Georgetown Day School, Sidwell Friends, and Maret mean something to you — and to Washington parents looking to boost the prestige of their children’s school, they do. We’re interested in the fantasy, in living vicariously. What it must be like to be 7 and 10 years old and moving into the White House. It's an escape. Is there anything so wrong with that?


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