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Muppets Marriage Proposal

Man Uses Muppets to Outdo All Marriage Proposals

The public marriage proposal is a divisive proposition — you don't want to guilt someone into a yes only to have it rescinded or be rejected — but a smitten photographer from New Hampshire managed to do it tastefully (i.e. without herding up a circle of gawkers for a very personal moment).

Sid Ceasar bought Muppets, made them look like himself and his girlfriend, created this video, and then persuaded a local theater to play it during previews. And it worked!

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LittleMzFit LittleMzFit 6 years
This one is Incredibly adorable! IMO, It has the potential for being REALLY awesome or REALLY embarrassing (if rejected). If two people really love each other, I'm sure neither one would care & wouldn't mind shouting it to the entire world!
bengalspice bengalspice 6 years
MysteryGuitarMan's proposal was pretty awesome on youtube.
danakscully64 danakscully64 6 years
That was awesome :)
TheEnchantedOne TheEnchantedOne 6 years
I don't like public marriage proposals. Oh but this one's different, it's semi-private (moviehouse) and yuh, it's sweet.
lickety-split lickety-split 6 years
awwww :cry: very sweet
myhousemd myhousemd 6 years
That song is amazing! Does anyone know who sings it and what the title is?
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