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Dear Sugar
I met a girl on an internet dating site and we began sleeping together. She was always so racy in bed and we eventually had a threesome with my best friend...only it didn't stop there.

From that point on, she craved threesomes with more and more of my friends. In total, she slept with 7 of my friends. We've since broken up and she's engaged to one of those friends now. He knows how promiscuous she is and yet still wants to marry her.

I am totally grossed out by it. How can I possibly go to their wedding? Flabbergasted Friend

Dear Flabbergasted Friend
Everyone deserves to find love. C'mon, even the village floozy is entitled to some happiness. You've got to try and find a way to get past thinking about your wild romps with her and be happy for them.

I happen to agree and think that it's totally disgusting, but it somehow lead them to find love -and that's a beautiful thing.

So when you go to his bachelor party, toss in a reminder for him to get a blood test before the big day. Once you've said that, let it go ... forever. Then go to the wedding, smile and show your buddy support.

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