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My Boss Asks Me To Lie And I Don't Like It

My Boss Asks Me To Lie And I Don't Like It

Dear Sugar
I started a new job two weeks ago and tomorrow is the annual company outing. It's a small company, with only three other people, so it will be mostly clients and business contacts.

The owner pulled me aside today and asked me not to tell anyone what my job description is because they will lose business and professional partnerships if people find out they've hired an in-house person to do the job.

He even gave me a fake title to tell people I meet. When I joined the professional organization in my field, I agreed to adhere to several standards of professional practice that I would definitely be straying from if I lie.

I am planning on quitting over this; I don't agree with his business ethics and can only foresee more issues like this coming up in the future. Am I overreacting? Ethical Ethel

Dear Ethical Ethel
You're the only one who can really answer this for yourself. If you are going to feel badly when you go to sleep at night then yes, quit.

Are you in a marketable field where there is a plethora of other options available for you? If not, be sure and find something else before you actually leave - even if that means going to the company outing and having to fib a little bit.

This is all part of life and part of the "it's a jungle out there" metaphor. If nothing else, you'll be wiser to the kind of business woman you don't want to be.

It's an experience that you'll be able to take with you to each and every job that you have. Good luck.

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