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My Boss Is Holding Me Back

Dear Sugar
I hate my boss for many reasons. She is competitive with me socially, she gives me the most menial tasks to do all day long, and she even insults me in front of clients and the owners of the company. I feel like I am never going to move forward in my career as long as she is my manager. Who can I talk to about this?
Under Duress Tess

Dear Under Duress Tess
Talk to someone in HR about your boss and ask them to keep your conversation private. Hopefully they will be able to come up with a good approach to talk to your boss. If there isn't an HR rep at your company, talk to your boss's boss. Send them an e-mail or call saying that you'd like to speak about some issues regarding your manager in private. When you meet, explain some of the actions that your boss does that can make completing your job difficult. Don't get emotional/petty. Remain professional and keep the discussion to how her actions affect your job performance and morale. If you have a list of examples of her behavior and dates - that's even better - come prepared. Also, save any demoralizing e-mails or voicemails she may leave you. The more evidence you have, the more motivated those above you will be to quell the situation.

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