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Dear Sugar
I've been dating my boyfriend for 5 months. Things are going well, but my problem is that he never stops talking about his ex girlfriend. She was his last girlfriend (they dated for 7+ years) and they were engaged. But they've been broken up for over a year now. I understood at first, but now it's driving me crazy! I know way more about this girl than I should know - everything from her brand of shampoo, favorite foods, her weight before, during and after they broke up, etc. I've talked to him and told him that it's time he stops talking about her so much, but it hasn't helped. I can expect to hear stories about her every time we hang out. I'm convinced that he's still hung up on her, but he calls me quite often - at least twice a day and he always wants to hang out. Should I cut this boy loose, or just give it more time? Impatient Amanda

Dear Impatient Amanda
Yuck. Do you know his friends? I wonder if he's tortured them with these stories for so long, that he's moved onto you? Also, do you know why they broke up? Maybe she left him because he was overbearing and obsessive. If I were you, I'd ask him straight up if he's over her. Tell him that while you are happy he feels comfortable enough to open up to you about her, she's not currently part of your relationship and he needs to leave her out of it because it's turning you off. If he doesn't understand, or he simply can not stop harping on the past, I would leave. Sometimes bad timing is enough of a deal breaker.

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Jeny Jeny 9 years
Well I mean HELLOOO He's OBVIOUSLY not over her or he wouldn't be talking about her. I did the same thing with a guy not too long ago. We were friends for a few months while he was in a relationship with a girl he was dating for 7 years. As soon as he broke up with her, he called me so we started talking, dating, got exclusive .. the whole 9. Everything was great for a month and after that, he started talking about her daily, worried about what she was up to and one weekend, I just had 'the talk' with him and he admitted he wasn't over her so I bolted. We aren't even friends anymore because it got tooo weird
solstice solstice 10 years
Yep, that's a red flag. If on the first date, the minute a guy brings up the ex and speaks two more sentences about her...he's outta there. He's not over her, and I'm not interested in being a psychologist or rebound-chick.
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