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My Boyfriend Has Been Ignoring Me For 2 Weeks

"My Boyfriend Has Been Ignoring Me For Two Weeks"

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I have been in this relationship with my boyfriend for about six years now, and we have had troubles, but eventually we solve them. About two weeks ago, my boyfriend started to ignore me. He is not calling me at all, and I do all the calling to check up on him. I tried to talk to him about this, and all he said was that he's busy and has no time to talk, but that he loves me. Every time I call him, he apologizes and tells me how much he loves me.

At this point, I'm asking myself how it's possible not to find even one minute to call and say "Hello" for two entire weeks, but have time to go online and go about daily life. What about the weekends? I am confused and feel trapped . . . is he breaking up with me and just can’t say it to my face? I just wish he would be more clear with me so I can have a better view about what is going on. I really love him and six years is just too long to break up now, but I am really in pain because of the way he has disrespected me.

Five days ago I told him I was going to give him a week to think about the way he treats me and if he's ready to change that, he should call me. I told him that if he didn't call back, then I would know his answer. I honestly didn't know what else to do to end this circle . . . Please give me your point of view and your explanations behind his actions!

*Please don't tell me talk to him because everybody is telling me to do that and it's not working . . . when I talk to him, he disrespects me, even laughing at me because I am crying. He said that I bothered him with my questions and that he's tired of me and my conversations with him.

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