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My Boyfriend Is a Jerk

"My Boyfriend Is a Jerk"

This question is from a Group Therapy post in our TrèsSugar Community. Add your advice in the comments!

My boyfriend makes such hurtful comments that he has me crying at least once a week. I also see him checking other women out right in front of me. I know that he feels unattractive and I wonder if he says stuff to me because he feels inadequate. He has told me my butt is too big and my breasts are too small. He told me I should have breast augmentation to just have a lift. He wants me to set up a three way with another woman. To be honest I love him and hate the thought of sharing him. He makes me feel inadequate in every way. I have started to take prescription anxiety medicines frequently because I am in tears most of the time. He told me the woman he wants to have for our three way and she is pretty but I feel like why should I be there if he wants her why not just have her and let me go? I don't understand him at all. He wants to talk about marriage but I could never marry this man. Every time I try to break free something he says brings me back. I want away from him and I don't want to get pulled back. Why can't I stay away from him. I deleted him from my cell phone, I deleted him from my email. I have blocked his text messages. What else can I do to keep from being pulled back in?

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