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"My Boyfriend Has Been Secretly Contacting a Female Friend"

This question is from a Group Therapy post in our TrèsSugar Community. Add your advice in the comments!

I have been together with my boyfriend for a year now and we live together. It's been great so far, however, recently I started noticing some secretive behavior coming from him. For about two weeks or so I started noticing him parking outside our house after work and staying in car for almost a half hour. A couple of times he got phone calls from a female when I was with him, but when he answered he said he couldn't talk. On a couple of occasions he was on the phone talking to a female, I casually asked him who that was and he said, "Doesn't matter."

I had strange gut feeling something wasn't right so I asked him directly why he was being secretive and he said that I was trying to control him, he also said that everybody knows I am his girlfriend, although a couple of times when he was on the phone talking to a female he gestured to me to keep quiet. He told me about one of his female friends he knew before we got together, they have never been best friends. He told me she calls him from time to time, but from what I have heard she loves drama in her life and calls him occasionally to ask for advice. I don't know if she is the person he has been in contact with.


The thing is I don't find anything wrong about either of us talking to other people, when somebody texts/calls me and my boyfriend asks me who it was I have no problem in telling him. His behavior towards me hasn't changed, I've never been a jealous person and I do trust him, but I find this whole situation very confusing. I don't simply understand why hide something if it's not something dodgy? I need somebody's objective advice on this and was it really off limits to talk to him about this?

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