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My Boyfriend Is Ungrateful

"My Boyfriend Is Ungrateful"

This week's confession comes from our anonymous Confession Booth group in the TrèsSugar Community. Weigh in with your advice below.

I've been with my boyfriend Todd for almost a year now. I've been hurt so many times and I've been through a lot of cheating and trust issues from previous relationships, but I've opened myself up to Todd and loved again. I'm so comfortable and open with him. I feel like I do everything for him — literally. I cook for him, I do his laundry, I clean his room, I clean his bathroom, I do his dishes, and I pack his lunch for work. I also cut his hair, shave his face, and listen to him talk about his day. I shower him with love and affection, I pick him up when he's down, and I support him in every decision he makes. I take his advice and never tell him no, I do whatever he asks, and even if he's going to do something I'm not crazy about, I tell him my opinion but don't stop him from doing it.

He's a good boyfriend. He cooks dinner and makes me laugh, but lately I've been feeling like he takes me for granted. He argues with me about random things and then later admits that he was just bored. He'll say crazy things like, "You're always comparing me to movie stars," or "You always doubt me," or "You want me to be perfect." I don't do those things. He says crazy, off-the-wall things that aren't true and gets me all worked up, then when I'm mad, he just wants to end the fight. I love my boyfriend, but I feel like he doesn't do as much for me as I do for him. If I've had a long day at work and ask him for a back rub, he doesn't do it. Or if I want to watch a romantic movie, he says no because he's jealous of the TV — upset that I'd rather watch TV than lay and talk all night with him.


We're both in our 20s, and I don't even live with him but I still do all these things for him. When it's our time to hang out, he spends time with me cooped up in the house. Then when I'm at work, he goes out on little adventures or goes places with his friends or goes to expensive dinners. Am I wrong for feeling neglected? Shouldn't he shower me with love, affection, attention, and gifts? It's not like he doesn't have money — he just got back from a business trip out of the country. I'm not asking for much, and yes, I've brought this to his attention. He claims guys and girls are different and that he gives me 100 percent. He claims that all the stuff I give him is 100 percent and what he gives back is 100 percent and that I can't beg for more because he physically can't give more.

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