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Dear Sugar
After a Jazz Fest concert last spring, my husband's brother tried to kiss me! He's a super nice guy and he wasn't drinking that night so this was completely out of character. It was awful because we were all away in New Orleans for another 2 days, but since that trip (thank goodness) I haven't had to see him again. This weekend he's coming to stay with us and I'm freaking out about it. What should I do if he tries something again? I've never breathed a word about it to my husband. Scandalous Stella

Dear Scandalous Stella
I hope that you called him out on it but it doesn't sound like you did. I doubt he'd try something again on you. I think you should take him aside when the moment is right just to set the record straight. Tell him never to do anything like that again and to pretend like it didn't even happen. Make it clear that for the sake of keeping the family together, you've never mentioned anything to your husband and you never will. What a sicko.

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