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My Dad Is Addicted To Computer Games

Dear Sugar
I come from a very loving family of five and we have always felt very fortunate for our closeness. With that said, my father is addicted to video games! From the moment he walks in the door from work until he goes to sleep, he is on the Internet playing games.

My brother and sister have taken up his ways even after my mother has tried to set boundaries. Instead of listening to her, they lock themselves in their rooms and play games all night long! Please help think of a way to help me stop my father from being a computer potato. My mom misses him and I do too. Dissed By My Dad Dani

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Dear Dissed By My Dad Dani
I am sorry. I am sure that you are feeling like you have an absentee father and now a brother and sister as well. Is there something missing in your father's life where he feels the need to escape to the computer? Has he always been a gamer? Does it bother him that your brother and sister have now taken up his habit?

I suggest that you and your mom have a heart to heart with your dad and really explain to him why his behavior bothers you so much. Just remember to make it short and sweet; he'll get the point. Try this:

"Dad. I know that you enjoy spending time on the computer but I happen to really enjoy spending time with you. I really miss having you around. Will you make an effort to hang out with me a little bit more?"

Perhaps you could try to play interactive games with your whole family as a fun compromise. This way you get to hang out together and they still get to play online. After that, organize an outdoor activity for everyone so that you can all get some physical activity, fresh air and each other's full attention. If all else fails you could always hide the computer! Good luck.

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WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 10 years
SPM, I was going to say the same exact thing about my boyfriend. It's never been an actual problem, but there have been maybe one or two times when he's asked me, firmly but nicely, to please tear myself away from the computer.
chutzpah chutzpah 10 years
as long as he's not gambling you shouldn't have too much of a problem with this...make him spend time with the family and give him an hour or two to play his games. Be thankful he's at home and not in some bar drinking away his problems!
SweetPeasMom SweetPeasMom 10 years
This is probably how my husband feels about my love for Popsugar.
ishtar ishtar 10 years
its an addiction like any other (or so it seems). I think maybe there other problems in his life and that maybe counseling would help.
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