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"Why Does My Ex Avoid Me at All Costs?"

This question is from a Group Therapy post in our TrèsSugar Community. Add your advice in the comments!

My ex and I broke it off eight or seven months ago, our relationship was that of best friends that eventually went out. I was happiest and so was he in those times. We both got overwhelmed in the relationship and we both called it quits in the best way, but we were both very sad. Then, after not seeing him for months, I saw him and I wanted to talk to him since I was just so happy to see him, but he was mad/angry to see that I had moved on so quick. (At the time I hadn't, I'm just a really a positive person.) I didn't get to talk to him because his friend told me not to and that he didn't want to be around me and he doesn't know why, so I made sure to stay out of his way from then on. Even though I recently saw him and he saw me by chance and we smiled at each other as we passed each other. So here I am six more months later, and I was at a table studying at the university we go to and I saw him from the corner of my eye coming toward me and once he saw me, he stopped dead in his tracks and walked the other way . . . I just don't understand him. He and I have mutual, close friends and I even separated myself from them to give him space, but it still seems that I annoy him no matter what I do. Help?

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