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My Fiancé Is "Late"

My Fiancé Is "Late"

Dear Sugar
HELP! My fiancé, is almost three weeks late for her period and she is usually very regular. She has taken six First Response pregnancy tests and they all clearly said "not pregnant."

A week or so before she was supposed to begin menstruating, she had a terrible cold and took strong medicine for it.

There has also been some added family related stress in her life right now. What could be the problem? --Freaking Out Fiancé

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Dear Freaking Out Fiancé--

It's probably just stress related. Waiting for three weeks I am sure feels very long, but it's possible that she is just going to skip this cycle altogether.

It could definitely be stress related. Has she gained or lost any significant amount of weight over the past couple of weeks? - And on a scale of 1-10, how stressful is her familial situation?

Have her take another pregnancy test in a week. If the results are still negative, then you know it's not baby time.

My advice is to wait out the cycle and if she doesn't get it the next time around, then immediately make an appointment with a Gyno.

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