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Mystery Gift

Dear Sugar
I recently got married and am now coming down from my wedding high. After our honeymoon, my husband and I had a great time opening all of our gifts. One present we came across was a beautifully wrapped item in a gorgeous gift bag with the word love printed on it in large block letters.

Inside of the many layers of wrapping was a very expensive bottle of champagne in an embroidered silk sac, but there was no card attached. We invited lots of guests to our wedding, mostly close friends, family and some acquaintances.

We certainly did not get gifts from everyone, so there really is no way for us to deduce who this is from. Do you know if there is any way to tactfully ask around to find out who gave us this gift so we can properly thank them? We just want to do the right thing and are not sure how to handle this. Puzzled Paulette

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Dear Puzzled Paulette
Congratulations! I hope that you are loving being a newlywed. Unfortunately, I don't think there is anything you can do to tactfully find out who gave you this gift. Oftentimes cards simply just get misplaced. Have you searched for a miscellaneous card that isn't attached to another gift?

Typically when one forgets a card, you can call the store where the gift was purchased and ask the sales associate to look up in their records who the buyer was, but if you are not sure where the champagne came from, there might not be a way to track the gift. Do you have a friend who typically gives champagne as a gift?

Do you know of anyone who wraps gifts the way the champagne was wrapped? Since you have not received all of your gifts, asking someone if the bubbly was from them could put them on the spot if they have yet to buy you something. Hopefully soon, they will ask how the champagne was and then you can express how sorry you are that they hadn't received a thank you note yet. I'm sure they will understand, this kind of this is quite common.

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