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Myths Romantic Comedies Perpetuate

8 Myths About Love Romantic Comedies Perpetuate

We know romantic comedies send unrealistic messages about relationships, but now we're hearing they contribute to relationship problems. A survey of 1,000 adults in Australia found nearly half said rom-coms are ruining their views of an ideal relationship. Maybe you've heard "if it was right, it'd just work," but that says more about Hollywood plots than real-life romance. So what myths do we have to watch out for? Here's eight to start.

  1. You just know he's the one — and you're right: We've probably all felt this at some point, and most of us have been proven wrong.
  2. Change yourself, and he'll fall head over heels: How often has the bland girl put on a dress and makeup only to dazzle the guy who didn't know her name 30 minutes ago. It's only like the entire plot of Cinderella!
  3. Sex solves problems: Unless the problem is he'd like to have sex right now, then all it will provide is distraction.
  4. Playing hard to get works: In reality, acting disinterested makes him think you're not interested. He may want you, but he'll probably be too scared to act.
  5. If you run, he'll follow: Unless he's very confident or very clueless, he's probably not going to make a fool out of himself. Most guys would sooner sit home brokenhearted.
  6. You don't need his number: He always gets the number in rom-coms, and he always calls. And if he doesn't, he has a reason that somehow will make you love him more.
  7. Love changes him: Love can conquer anything, right? Pot habits. Video game obsessions. Irregular bathing. Not likely. He may change for a while, but lasting change really needs to be made for the self and not another.
  8. Love knows no socioeconomic bounds: Even if we're so magnanimous that we can overlook major class, education, and money differences, there's another person's insecurities involved. Not to mention money is one of the most common things couples fight over.
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