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NASA Astronaut Says Alien Visits Covered Up by Governments

If anyone knows whether extraterrestrial life exists, I'm guessing astronauts do. Dr. Edgar Mitchell, a 77-year-old former NASA moon-walker with Apollo 14 says that aliens have visited Earth many times, but that governments have concealed contact with these small-framed and large-eyed creatures for over 60 years.

"I happen to have been privileged enough to be in on the fact that we've been visited on this planet and the UFO phenomena is real. I've been in military and intelligence circles, who know that beneath the surface of what has been public knowledge, yes — we have been visited. Reading the papers recently, it's been happening quite a bit."

In the radio interview, Mitchell said earthling technology is "not nearly as sophisticated" as the aliens' and "had they been hostile, we would be been gone by now." NASA responded to Mitchell's comments by saying, while Dr. Mitchell is a great American, the agency does not share his opinions on this issue.

This isn't the first time the astronaut has talked about non-human beings. For more on that,


Mitchell, who established a research center to study "consciousness" in 1971 when he returned from his space mission, had an epiphany as he saw planet Earth floating freely in space. He has described it like this: "The presence of divinity became almost palpable, and I knew that life in the universe was not just an accident based on random processes . . . The knowledge came to me directly."

I'm not sure what to make of Mitchell's assertions about extra-terrestrial life and the conspiracy to cover it up — but why would he make this stuff up?


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UnDave35 UnDave35 8 years
Thanks :)
MartiniLush MartiniLush 8 years
Dave, that is GREAT!!!
Jude-C Jude-C 8 years
Good one, UD!
lilkimbo lilkimbo 8 years
:rotfl: pop! I had almost forgotten about the woman in diapers.
bleached bleached 8 years
UnDave35 UnDave35 8 years
I think this is fitting (Hope it works.)
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 8 years
I believe there is life outside of earth (much more intelligent beings) however I wouldn't and do not want to know about it; it bothers me. What if they are cruel or harmful? That thought is why I cannot study or talk about the issue. Wouldn't it be funny if aliens had cameras on Earth and they gather around a tv every weekend to watch a show about our stupid happenings and news. Like starring at an ant farm. The show could be called "WTF Are They Doing?" ... I think it's time for me to go to bed, I'm acting silly,lol.
popgoestheworld popgoestheworld 8 years
Maybe Mitchell saw a woman in diapers and thought she was a creature come to him from afar. And as to why there are lots of people who claim these experiences, let's not forget there are a lot of paranoid schizophrenics. hypno - I grew up in So Cal and saw exactly what you are describing at about the same time. We all called the cops and they said that the military was testing something. Who knows. I'm certainly wouldn't be surprised if there were life out there but I have a feeling that when it comes to visit there won't be a question about what's happening.
hausfrau hausfrau 8 years
hypno i love how you think!
hypnoticmix hypnoticmix 8 years
LOL! There's cheap labor we haven’t taped into yet. They probably don't use currency so they'll work for free.
hausfrau hausfrau 8 years
I know thats what I was thinking, gifts made by aliens? gifts FOR aliens? its so ambiguous.
Cassandra57 Cassandra57 8 years
You know, where better to sell Martian turquoise?
hausfrau hausfrau 8 years
yea i hear ya lain, so i couldn't fault them entirely! everything has to do with aliens, we even saw a store advertising "indian jewelry, pottery, mexican imports, and alien gifts" i never thought i'd see those goods sold in one place!
Cassandra57 Cassandra57 8 years
cab: Thanks for sharing. That's great stuff! In such a small town, the tourism may be enough to keep them going, while a lot of traditional small towns (:cue John Mellencamp:) are dying out.
hypnoticmix hypnoticmix 8 years
I hope in my third life from now I'm a starship captain, spreading groovy love across the Universe.
hausfrau hausfrau 8 years
i love how they did that with the streetlights! how clever!
hausfrau hausfrau 8 years
lets see if this works....
hausfrau hausfrau 8 years
Oh btw, if you're ever tempted to go to Roswell NM, DON't!!! I made my husband drive me out there when I visited him in El Paso so we could go to the International UFO Museum. WOW. What a let down! It was seriously like cork boards with articles tacked up on them! No joke! And it took FOREVER to get out there. But I'll tell you what, those people in Roswell know how to market the shit out of their town! Cuz seriously the town is 1 street and they just ride that alien thing for all its worth! Even the street lights look like aliens! I have to give props to them for trying to beef up tourism!
amybdk amybdk 8 years
That is HILARIOUS, lilkimbo! Hypnoticmix, i'm jealous of your experience. My husband has seen a UFO but I have not been so fortunate... yet.
dblsparkle dblsparkle 8 years
I don't believe this!
bleached bleached 8 years
:rotfl: lilkimbo...
lilkimbo lilkimbo 8 years
Hypno, that sounds amazing! Much better than this woman I met who swore she saw a UFO and described exactly what it's like when you see/hear a helicopter.
Cassandra57 Cassandra57 8 years
I'm sure there is intelligent life in the universe...somewhere. My theory on UFO sightings is that they're alien teenagers joyriding, trying to freak out the local wildlife (us). cab: Those anal probes are an attempt to find our brains. A really intelligent species might presume that our primary mental function couldn't reside in anything as small as our heads. I'm sure aliens are living among us. Maybe even some of us here. :cue X-Files music again: Hey, it's been a long week, I'm officially declaring this "Foolish Friday".
stephley stephley 8 years
We'd only 'know' we've met an alien if it either fit our sterotype of one or self-identified. What about all those people who claim they've had angels intervene in their lives?
Bebeshopper Bebeshopper 8 years
I just can't be so arrogant as to think we are the only type of intelligent lifeform in the massive universe. What a waste of space. Why would we think we know everything there is to know about such a vast, mostly unexplored area? When Columbus stated the earth was round without visible proof, people thought he was a "kook". An open mind is always the best policy.
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