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NEW SPORT: Japanese Dodge Wall

Wow, this is a first. Japanese TV seems to be encouraging folks to think inside the box these days, or in this case, inside a hole in the wall. If game show contestants (dressed as silver bullets) can't think fast enough and contort their bodies into the shape necessary to pass through the cut-out portion of an approaching wall, then they get pushed into a pee-colored pool of water below them. It's not only cuckoo, it's kinda impossible-- therein lies the fun.

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Lagasse2005 Lagasse2005 9 years
wow, so what sports do kids play in school over there?
colormesticky colormesticky 9 years
If he'd have picked up his leg and kicked it out straight behind him he might've made it.
ellenmarie ellenmarie 9 years
ellenmarie ellenmarie 9 years
mandykw mandykw 9 years
Hahaha what a rediculous game. It looks kinda fun though.
ClareHillenburga ClareHillenburga 9 years
jhuck jhuck 9 years
It looks fun...except for the yellow water. That looks questionable
klaudie klaudie 9 years
he had to pass all his body in the head
licia licia 9 years
I guess only a little man with a giant, bulbous head would be able to fit in that one!
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