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Sarah White is not a licensed therapist — how can she be when the APA strictly forbids nudity? — but nonetheless her naked therapy sessions are in demand. Clothes, she says, are limiting, and she frees clients to open up by taking hers off.

Whether stripping down is a metaphor of the therapeutic process or not, Sarah does not deny she's using the "power of arousal" with her mostly male clientele. "For men especially, who are less likely to go to therapy, it's an enticing, exciting, and I think effective way, a very effective way, to get men to open up and introspect, think and meditate, on how to make their lives better and more fulfilling," she says in a YouTube video the Daily Mail linked to but is now private.

A Daily reporter went to see her for a mock session in the video above, and you can see seduction is her key tactic. "Freud used free association," she says "I use nakedness."

Freud also talked about transference — the redirection of a patient's feelings toward the therapist — though. And since transference often manifests as a crush, I do wonder how she'd address that. But, hey, if she can get men who otherwise wouldn't go to therapy in the door, maybe she's doing the world a service? For all we know the sexy librarian phenomena started in an effort to get people to read.

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