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Leave your mood rings at home because a new study found that the color of your office plays a significant role in influencing your attitude and temperment at work. Forget the day-to-day fatigue, traffic, deadlines, difficult coworkers, and general stress you may encounter on the job, because this new "study" (not performed by kindergarteners...or so they say) has narrowed our mood swings down to a simple science of primary colors:

  • Blue Walls: Give you the gloom-and-doom blues.
  • Yellow Walls: Make you nice, happy, and mellow.
  • Red Walls: Amplify anger and pump up passion.
  • Black Walls: Bring out the tough in you.
  • White/Grey Walls: Are boring. Period.
  • My only wonder is how the researchers behind this study found an office painted black? Hmmm...well if black is supposed to make employees feel "tougher," then it must have been an office of tax collectors. Punks.

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Butrfly4404 Butrfly4404 10 years
I can attest - my cubicle walls are gray and I'm bored as hell.
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