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Sometimes negative campaign ads are so bad you think they have to be fake. . . . and sometimes they're so good because they are! Radar has this fantastically wicked, surprisingly historically prescient roundup slide show of ersatz down-and-dirty political ads.

Take a peek at the William Henry Harrison poster deriding his propensity to go outside underdressed, foreshadowing his foreshortened administration. Do you remember this tidbit from history class?

While many found this attack on William Henry Harrison to be ineffective and nonsensical, it proved prophetic when Harrison, who delivered his inauguration speech without proper head attire, developed pleurisy and died 31 days later.

So wear a hat kids, or you won't be president for too long. Now that's some news you can use!

UnDave35 UnDave35 9 years
I agree that you can't just slap something negative on paper, send it out, and expect it to fly. But it is incredibly easy to post false information on the internet (ie: The 9/11 conspiracy theories). So post enough false info on the internet, then use those posts as sources. The negative ads also need to come from well outside the campaign, for obvious reasons. Any connection to the advertising with the candidate would immediately invalidate any claim, as we have seen in previous elections.
Auntie-Coosa Auntie-Coosa 9 years
Before the Internet, people could do a lot of negative things, say a lot of negative things and most of it got forgotten by the time it traveled by horseback from Washington, DC, to Washington the State. But now, if someone goes negative, the entire internet erupts. No one can "mis-speak" or can tell lies in an auto-biography because they'll be found out within 24 hours. The Pajama Media jump right in and find documentation to refute the lies. Negative Advertisement in Politics . . . not gonna go over at all.
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