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Negative Opinions of Jews and Muslims on the Rise in Europe

Negative attitudes toward Muslims and Jews are mounting Europe. A new survey found negative views among 46 percent of Spanish, 36 percent of Poles, 34 percent of Russians, 25 percent of Germans, and 20 percent of French. Britain is the only surveyed European country where anti-Semitic views did not rise, as only nine percent rate Jews unfavorably. In the US, seven percent of Americans have negative views toward Jews.

As for unfavorable attitudes toward Muslims, 52 percent in Spain, 50 percent in Germany, 46 percent in Poland and 38 percent in France hold negative views. In Britain the rate is 25 percent, and in the US it is 23 percent.

Not too long ago we heard stories about European extremists ready to capitalize on this hostility. This summer, German authorities uncovered a neo-Nazi children's summer camp, and the French have been investigating Paris clothing shops selling anti-Semitic T-shirts.

Is there a difference between latent unfavorable opinions, and dangerous hatred?


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