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Disney's Newest Princess Is a First

I guess Disney's decision to stop making princess movies was a half-truth. The fairytale film company is introducing a new Disney princess, Sofia the First, who for the first time will be a little girl. The younger princess is meant to attract preschoolers and be a positive and educational role model in her TV movie and series. According to a Disney GM, Sofia will have “plenty of pretty dresses and sparkly shoes," but "what makes a real princess is what’s inside, not what’s outside."

Hopefully the new pint-sized princess's younger age will mean she's doing more than waiting for her Prince Charming to come, but it seems like just another way to market the princess culture to an even younger generation. What we're really excited to see is the courageous Princess Merida in Pixar's Brave, who challenges her family and country's customs while wielding a bow and arrow on horseback — now that's a real Disney princess "first."

What do you think about the new preschool princess?

tstate tstate 5 years
 @Catherine2446178  Nice dissertation topic.  Interesting and valid.  But, if you really think little girls are getting much beyond pretty, I doubt it.  As to your assumption that I (or any other poster)  now (or ever) sat their child in front of the TV to learn values -- that's both self-righteous and ignores reality.  They don't need to sit and watch movies to see/learn this.  Take a look at birthday parties, school plays and playtime, the values are style (princess) and looks (pretty).  Well what about the average girl? the less attractive featured child? Oh!! yes they are there in these movies: as evil stepsisters, and other obstacles.  You don't need to watch it as you so cavalierly suggest.  You just need to spend time outside your own home.  I don't mind fairy tales, even Disney's; but I do find the cult of the princess to be setting up our children for real world conflicts....  we, and Disney, can do better
Catherine2446178 Catherine2446178 5 years
The outcry here is ridiculous. If you don't like it, don't watch it. It's as simple as that.The Disney princesses I group with (Ariel on forward) were headstrong, passionate about their beliefs, and able to hold their own with or without a man. Mulan rode into battle and kicked butt; Ariel defied her father's intolerance to humans; Jasmine was spunky, etc.If you aren't into the Disney princess thing, then how about you take a minute to teach your daughter your values rather than sitting her in front of the tv to learn her values from there?Oh, and all of you crying racism because the article doesn't show Princess Tiana.... The author of the article used an old pic. It's been floating around for a while. Calm the hell down. And fyi, Rapunzel was the first white princess since Belle 20 years prior.... just saying.Calm the **** down.
tstate tstate 5 years
I find this to be just wrong.  First it is a princess movie: exactly what they announced that they would not be doing.  So they lied.Second: to occasionally dress up (Halloween, etc) as a princess is fun.  But the princess mania to which little girls today are subject to because, as several of you have stated in this thread, they are "cute" is not healthy.  Little princesses are, by Disney definition, spoiled, self-centered and vain.There is an effort to hide our daughters from the joys and pleasures of reality behind polyester silk skirts, bright bows, and plastic jewelry.  That's pathetic thank you Disney.Variety of options could come out of that studio for girls and young women.  But it never will.  And it is correct (as stated earlier) Disney was a racist and sexist, and most of the other paternalist -isms you can think of; and they will always be reflected in the limited options available to his princesses.And, finally, it is an insult to each of us and our daughters: he models the same stunted character for us over and over -- because he believed that was all a female could be (pretty, vain, and useless except as decoration for a "prince/frog").
Marcia2411934 Marcia2411934 5 years
I haven't read all the reviews at this site but why can't we just see a cartoon for what it is, entertainment, why bring up racial issues as some are commenting. I absolutely do not agree with some things that take place at Disney, but I don't watch what offends me and I don't visit places that offend. That being said, I can't tell you I won't watch the newest release. I may not go to the theatre but I would probably rent it via Netflix,etc.  And  I like to see little girls in dresses which is getting kinda rare, and playing dress-up for little girls is great. I think those who find the "princess theme" offensive should try it, they might find their softer prettier side!
John2399399 John2399399 5 years
What happened to the old "new" first black princess, didn't even make it in the group photo....
pKat pKat 5 years
I know that we have all agreed that this photo is probably an old stock photo, but I just wanted to throw out the question of why doesn't Disney ever include Kida from Atlantis in their Disney Princess Photos?  
Otaku-Gamer-of-Suranfu Otaku-Gamer-of-Suranfu 5 years
I absolutely LOVE the Princesses and Sofia looks so cute~ ^w^
nitak nitak 5 years
While Sophia is in fact the first Disney princess that will spend the majority of her time as a preschool aged girl, she is not the first princess to spend the majority of her time as a child.  As was mentioned earlier, Melody (Eric and Ariel's daughter) spent the entire move she was in as a child.  There is also a Little mermaid movie where all of the sisters spend time as children. Also, if anybody remembers, Disney did a version of Peter Pan in which the boys had to save Princess Tigerlily, who was also a child. And if you want to get TECHNICAL about it, Cinderella and Belle's princess status is tenuous.  They were not princess by birth, only by marriage.  As was Nala's princess status and Faline's.  Kiara was a true princess but nobody even talks about her because she was an animal.
Twowilldo Twowilldo 5 years
Snow White was a princess and Cinderella was of the nobility I believe. Their lowered status was due to evil step-mothers.
Twowilldo Twowilldo 5 years
An African princess would be fabulous, especially as some tribes are matriarchal. But an American princess would make absolutely no sense. I always thought America was about anyone being able to be anything they choose. Would you really rather live in a country where your leaders are chosen by who they were bred by? Neigh!!
sstewart02 sstewart02 5 years
wow to see some of these comments from myindieartist and the people fighting with him, i cannot help but be completely confused! UM WE ARE DISCUSSING SMALL CHILDREN. If anyone is basing the outcome of their child(ren)s marriage perspective, sense of self worth, appreciation for a gentleman, and/or level of succes before marriage ON A DISNEY CARTOON..... Then i have to say you are not spending any amount of time with your child(ren). McDonalds doesn't make kids fat and Disney doesn't make little girls brilliant or selfish. Princesses keep little girls intrigued because they are bright colorful and pretty... who cares if oscar the grouch or a princess is teaching the alphabet on TV. Ultimately your child will form their opinions from what they see in the home. not on the TV. Parents need to take responsibility instead of finding a new "thing" to blame. If you dont agree with it, TURN IT OFF :) great thing about the power button on the TV
muckem09 muckem09 5 years
@myindieartist Wow, pretty good post! It's true and I too, as a young married mother of two, am SICK TO DEATH of everyone going on and on about how women need to pursue a career as the true path to happiness and never let a man or kids get too in the way and don't you dare need a man and shame on you if you need a man to complete you and blah blah blah.... I am a college educated woman who feels totally blessed to NOT be moving up the ladder in a career and can instead be there every moment of those precious first years of my children's lives taking care of them and making them feel loved, secure, and bonded- not shuffled from one hired person to the next. And do you know why I have that blessing to be caring for my own children because I DO depend on a man- my wonderful husband. I depend on him to provide for and protect this family just as he depends on me to nurture this family and make a wonderful home that he can look forward every day to coming home to. It is WONDERFUL to depend on a man and I recommend it to every woman- just make sure you find a real man, not one of these immasculated, low-character male children that our society is turning out in droves. I can't speak for anybody here but there is something beautiful and peaceful about having a life where both the man and the woman have their special role and special place- where a man treats a woman with chivalry and tenderness and the woman treats the man like a man. So much better than those semi-genderless relationships where the husband and wife are competing with each other rather than both graciously accepting the wonderful differences inherent in men and women and treating each other accordingly. Feminists foam at the mouth at this but I love my man and I depend on him for so many things and he scrapes my car off in the winter and when I get emotional about something he treats me delicately and when we go on a date he comes around to open my car door for me and I think all these women who can only scoff at tales of princesses unless they include a defiant girl who rides horseback with spears miss out on all these wonderful things. But they have their independence. Hope its worth it.
themom12345 themom12345 5 years
um what about Mulan? Did she challenge her culture and break the mold?
workhorse workhorse 5 years
I am sorry but if you are waiting for movies/cartoons to teach values and ethics you have already missed the boat. Get back to the basics with honey and flour.
Jolene2292733 Jolene2292733 5 years
@13ladybug rapunzel isn't on there either, because it's an old disney princess picture. they weren't discriminating against tiana.
13ladybug 13ladybug 5 years
I don't see Princess Tiana in the photo. Although that is not unusual. I would think that someone at Disney or in the advertising department would realize that it is important to INCLUDE Tiana and not just have her shown individually. PS. No princess needs a prince to complete her.
cemom cemom 5 years
@myindieartist Wow! Congratulations on your engagement. Im sure your purchased bride will be very happy in this country.
insbrat insbrat 5 years
Myindieartist, If everything is perfect in your life then why are you even on this website? As you so quoted..... "Why don’t we show our 2-3 year olds that love is about meeting a man who is willing to love you in an agape sense of the word love. Why don’t we demonstrate that giving to the poor is what being a princess is all about? Why don’t we teach our daughters that it is ok to be picky in marriage, but that marriage is an amazing and beautiful institution and that it is ok to marry a man who has proven that he will be there for you and for your needs?" And we are going to do all this when they are 2 yrs old? You must be a "professional" in this field to give all this advice of yours...! What YOU are missing is that beauty does come from within and that the symbolic meaning behind the "princess" image is beauty, femininity, grace, CLASS to name a few. Why wouldn't you want your children, grandchildren to strive for this?? Would you rather they all focus on the violence, gangs, drugs etc that is everywhere? People living on the streets homeless with no future in sight thanks to our government? And who says they are selfish? You must of known a few....! And you know what? I too am in a happy loving relationship, have a great job, I totally love and worship my family and friends and treat them with utmost respect. I would also do anything for them and the ones in need. And when I was a little girl that's all I wanted was to be a "princess" and I think I turned into a beautiful, smart and intelligent person because of wanting to be a Princess!!
Yepster Yepster 5 years
Cemom hit the nail on the head. Disney princesses are in general all strong women who can and do stand on their own. Try watching the movies before voicing your opinions.
insbrat insbrat 5 years
I think this is a GREAT idea and gears towards little girls from 2-7 years old which are the most impressive ages! I have two granddaughters ages 2 and 3 and with alittle influence they can learn what it is to be a "real" princess from the inside out. They will also learn about their prince charmings later in life.!
cemom cemom 5 years
Dear Author, have you seen any Disney princess movies past Aladdin? Pocahantas? Mulan? Frog Prince? Rapunzel? All independent Strong women who worked hard to not let a relationship with some dumb prince get in the way of their dreams. Mulan was a soldier who became a Chinese Hero with a sword. Tiana pushed and pushed the prince away because all she wanted in life was independence and ownership through hard work. Pocahantas; a girl who doesn't want to be tied down and ducks her responsibility of marriage for her tribe so she can find her own adventure. she stops a war, falls in love with the enemy whose life she saves and he leaves for Europe and she becomes the Tribal leader. Rapunzel wasn't waiting for a prince...she was waiting for freedom, which she found by manipulating a dumb guy into taking her to see the world and an aventure to find the truth about herself. Her dreams had nothing to do with love, and everything to do with her independence. Pixar's Brave is not a "first" and your generalizations are outdated. Frankly marketing princess culture isn't bad. These princesses teach girls to have adventures, see the world and work hard to make their dreams come true, and never ever settle for any less than your perfect match. I think it's more about perception, but I see the message as extremely empowering.
bellagypsi261 bellagypsi261 5 years
as walt disney world cast member, i can assure you this is a good thing. true, walt did mot like the jews, but people got over that. helloooo, we have the largest gay pride event in the country every yr, i go myself. as a mom, this is wonderful. i think its adorable and will be getting all of sophias movies and videos. and yes sophia IS italian
melissajholbrook melissajholbrook 5 years
The original Disney princesses were those from the masterpiece collection. Seeing as the masterpiece collection was finished in 1999, they can stop adding random characters to that group. All these new princesses are only created to satisfy people's femmenist criticisms and acusations on Disney being racist, and so Disney can continue to make money. They had a good group of princesses from the masterpiece collection, and I think they should have left it at that.
allawstudent allawstudent 5 years
So Cute!! Im so glad that my daughters will have a Disney Princess to watch like I did when I was young!
pseudonatural pseudonatural 5 years
Also you people are being too literal about what makes a princess. In Disney canon, you don't have to be royalty to be a princess. In fact, it's split pretty evenly who is considered a princess or not. Belle? Peasant. Mulan? Peasant. Snow White? Peasant. Cinderella? Peasant. Esmerelda? Discriminated minority/peasant. Princess Tiana? Princess. Sleeping Beauty? Princess. Ariel? Princess. Jasmine? Princess. Pocahontas? Sort of a princess, even though native americans don't possess a royal hierarchy, so you're forcing the label of princess onto her. So it's a toss up. So discounting Pocahontas and plot events that elevate a peasant's social status to royalty, there are more peasants than princesses that are Disney "princesses"
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